Classic Italy Small Groups 2024 - Colosseum tour

Hi there, this will be our first time to Italy, and first time on a Tauck tour. I note that during our time in Rome we get to see the Forum, the Circus Maximus, and the Imperial Palace, but apparently not the Colosseum. I would like to know what is the best way to see the Colosseum during one of our free time periods, and how best to obtain tickets. I have read that I should purchase tickets well in advance. I have read that Tauck schedules may change at the last minute, so not sure how to handle that. Also, many of the tickets listed online include the Forum and Palatine Hill, but I think we already get those as part of the Tauck tour. Just not sure how to approach this, and we would very much like to see the Colosseum during our time in Rome. All suggestions appreciated! Our tour date is September 15, 2024.


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    On the tour of the forum you will see the colosseum. Our group walked right next to it. What you won't likely get is to tour the interior of it. And you're right there are loads of different tours with different combinations. The main ones to look for if you want to go inside the colosseum is "skip the line" and some also offer "underground" where you actually go to the lower levels which isn't included in all tours.

    No guaranteed way to handle itinerary changes. You can either wait and hope the concierge can help you or ahead of time book a tour that offers cancellation up to 24 hours prior. Viator's website lets you set the search filters to only list ones with free cancellation. The link below is to one that includes the colosseum and the pantheon. It does have some repeat on Tauck's.


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    The Colosseum in Pula, Croatia is older than the one in Rome, more preserved and there are not crowds of tourists.

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    I'm curious as to when Tauck stopped including the Colosseum on its Classic Italy, Small Groups. We did this in May 2022 and a tour was included.
    Sorry that this has been dropped.

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    Here are a few shots of the Pula Colosseum that OurTravels34 references above for comparison.

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