Lisbon day trip to Sintra

Lisbon day trip to Sintra..Does it also cover Pena Palace,or should we do that on our own?


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    I answered this same question in your 23 Feb post titled 'Day in Lisbon' under the Spain and Portugal category.

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    I was curious since I’ve been to Lisbon several times but not sure we have been to Sintra. Found a Rick Steeves review that said it took him about three hours to get a thirty minute tour experience due to crowds. You might want to research and read some other reviews. Personally, I don’t stand in line very long to do anything. That’s one of the reasons I like small boats.

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    We didn't get to Sintra and regret we didn't give ourselves enough time before the cruise to do so. I believe Rick's advice is skip the palace and enjoy the grounds which doesn't involve the long line. Also other sights to see in Sintra make it worth the trip.

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    No lines when traveling with Tauck. The guides are quite adept at avoiding crowds. It also depends on the time of year. As I mentioned in my previous post the exterior of Pena Palace and the views are gorgeous. I found the interior of the National Palace to be exquisite. There are a few other palaces in Sintra, as well as mansions belonging to the wealthy.

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    If you take the Sintra option, you will go to the National Palace, not the Pena Palace.

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    As I mentioned in a previous post responding to TheRosenbergs same question, it depends on the tour. I have been to both palaces on two different Tauck tours. Regardless of which one, they are both worth it it my opinion.

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