Canyonlands in early October

We are British, live in France and are joining the Canyonlands Tour from Oct 5 2014. Just wanted to receive advice about the weather as it is early autumn and what clothes we may need to bring for the climate at that time of the year.


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    It can be very cool in the mornings at higher elevations, so be sure to bring a jacket or wear layers so you can remove some as the temperatures rise. This is a very casual trip and a lovely one.
  • You've picked a great time of year for this tour. We live in the southwest and Sep-Oct is my favorite time.

    Layers layers layers. We get some pretty wide temperature swings due to both the altitude and arid climate. Just nothing to hold onto the heat after the sun goes down.

    Most of the locations you are going to are National Parks. They have a pretty good web site with weather information.
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