Malaria and Measles concern for trip starting Oct 27,2014

I'm going on the trip leaving Oct.27,2014.. Wanted to know if anyone has gotten a measles booster or taking malaria pills with them Looking forward to a great trip just had these two concerns. Please post any answers you may have


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    I suggest you see your family doctor and/or travel doctor and check out the CDC. For example, there was no vaccine for Measles when I was a child, so I caught Measles and don't require a vaccine. People can give opinions here on this forum and I often do, but it is no substitute for seeing Doctors who know you and your history. You really have left little time to get all this sorted before your trip comes along.
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    We are going to Africa but I would think conditions and diseases there are much the same.

    In addition to checking what is listed in my medical records, my clinic did blood tests for the presence of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella (chicken pox), Polio and Hepatitis A/B/C anti-bodies. So, despite what it says in my records and what diseases and shots I had before, they will give me the shots or boosters I really need. I think that is a good approach. I know I have had various forms of that vaccine over the years, most documented - shots, sugar cubes, etc., buy based on the test results, one vaccine/booster(?) they plan to give when we get closer to departure surprised me- Polio.

    So far I have had shots for Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Whooping cough)).
    I'll start the Hep B series in a week or so. I think they also plan to do a PPD test for TB. Of course there is the annual Flu shot as well. I've already had the Shingles shot- the joys of getting old! After all this I'll need a break from needles, especially after yesterday's painful shot in my butt- I made a mistake of getting tangled up in some Poison Ivy a few days ago. I made a second mistake by choosing a steroid shot instead of Prednisone pills. I knew I was in for trouble when the nurse told me where I was going to get the shot, advised me to relax my muscles, and then said, "this is really going to burn!" Yoweee, was she right!! :( At least the itch is gone and my rash is clearing up!

    Hep B is a danger in Asia and a travel doc would likely recommend it- in addition to getting it from intimate personal contact, you can get it from transfusions, etc. (think accident). The Hep B vaccine which is good for life, requires a series of three shots given at the intervals listed below, so it looks like you are out of luck for that one:

    First Injection - At any given time
    Second Injection - At least one month after the first dose
    Third Injection - Six months after the first dose
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    I'm going on the trip leaving Oct.27,2014.. Wanted to know if anyone has gotten a measles booster or taking malaria pills with them Looking forward to a great trip just had these two concerns. Please post any answers you may have

    We just returned from the September 12 trip and it was fantastic. We did not get either shots and all is fine.
  • if this is an area where malaria medications are recommended, if you get any kind of fever within the next year you will have to see a Doctor to rule out Malaria.
  • I'm going on the same trip on October 6th. I was told that malaria is a minor concern for these destinations (although I wonder about the enormous amounts of standing water in rice paddies and the clings in Bangkok (was there 12 years ago). There is an oral course of meds for malaria which you could take in precaution. Hepatitis (A & B), DPT , and serious insect repellant (also repellant spray for some clothes) are a MUST. This helps to prevent Gengue Fever and Japanese Incephilitis (spelling??), which are a true concern. Check the US website for the CDC.
  • It's Dengue fever and Encephalitis.
    I have not been to these countries, maybe soon. There is risk of Malaria but it depends where you are visiting. A copy of your itinerary should be taken to your travel Dr. and they will be the best person to advise you what shots and medications are required for your specific destinations within the countries. You should have an idea of your medical history and the current medications you are taking. Do you have an immunologically compromised immune system that may make you more vulnerable to certain diseases, and so on and so on. All this should be done months before you are due to travel.
  • We're doing this trip starting on 24 October. WRT malaria, the only area of moderate risk per the CDC is Siem Reap (the city... nearby Anghor is OK). The hotel is away from the city which might be better, or not. So, it is really a very close call on meds or not. We have Malarone (one of the CDC recommended drugs) which has few if any side effects, so we'll be taking it for the recommended 2 days prior, then 2 days at Siem Reap, and then 7 days after. Better safe than sorry, but, as mentioned, a close call on risk.

    Also will let us test the Malarone which we'll need in Africa in January.
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