spa and laundry prices

Does anyone know the costs of spa treatments and doing laundry onboard?



  • Laundry is expensive. Take what you can to be washed out by hand.
  • OK, so I haven't done a Tauck River cruise. Is there a spa on such a small boat, and hey on a Tauck cruise, would there even be time for a spa treatment! There are plenty of people here to answer your question. Enjoy!
  • Prices for laundry have been posted at least once on the forum. If you search under the Budapest to Black Sea Forum for last summer, Tauck Tim posted a complete list for that ship. A ballpark figure is $5-8 per item (pair of pants, shirt, etc) and that doesn't include ironing. They do have an iron and ironing board to loan out.

    As crackers54 said, take items that can be hand washed. Our ship had a retractable drying line in the shower and I packed dry laundry soap sheets. Am planning my wardrobe for the next cruise with at least half the items washable in a small sink and quick dry.

    Yes, British there is a spa on the new Inspiration class ships and a hair dresser. Its down next to the fitness center on the lower deck. Have no idea what is there but will know later this year. I could get into a pedicure and foot massage after a long day touring.

    The Jewel class ships have a masseuse. I never took advantage of the service although it seemed to be fairly well used by others. Seemed like it was in the $50-75 range and up depending on length.
  • Hi all,

    I've included the laundry list from previous threads below — I've double checked and this list is still accurate for the riverboats. If you want to have your clothes ironed and pressed (not laundered), this is also available as a service, and the pricing is half the price from the amount per item on the laundry list, which I've included below. If you'd like to have your clothes laundered and then ironed or pressed, it'd be the price below plus half the price -- so a men's dress shirt would be 7.50 Euros for laundering, and 3.75 Euros for ironing, to a total of 11.25 euros.

    As far as the spa goes, massages are offered, which can go anywhere from 15 Euros for a ten minute chair massage to an hourlong full body oil massage for 75 Euros. There is also a hairstylist, but they will not be in the salon at all times. Appointments are made with the Hotel Manager and the stylist will be in the salon for the appointment. Appointments cannot be made in advance of the cruise, unfortunately, and they are generally available until 10 PM if necessary. Services include washing, cutting, blwo-drying, and setting hair. And lastly, I'm afraid it is not possible for Tauck to know if the stylist who will be onboard is also certified for manicures or pedicures, so I'm afraid I can't give you a prediction there.

    I hope this helps!


      Laundry Price List For Riverboats
      (No Dry Cleaning)
      (Prices are in euros)

      [*]Dress - 8.00
      [*]Dress without sleeves - 7.00
      [*]Blouse - 6.50
      [*]Blouse without sleeves - 6.00
      [*]Pleated Skirt - 7.00
      [*]Trousers, long, short - 6.00
      [*]Shorts - 5.00
      [*]Pullover - 6.00
      [*]Bathrobe - 4.50
      [*]Bathing suit, Bikini - 3.00
      [*]Petticoat, waist slip - 2.50
      [*]Bra - 2.00
      [*]Underpants - 2.75
      [*]Vest - 2.75
      [*]Stockings (pairs) - 2.00
      [*]Socks (pair) - 2.00
      [*]Nightdress - 5.00
      [*]Nightgown - 6.00
      [*]T-Shirt - 5.00
      [*]Sweaters - 5.50
      [*]Handkerchief - 1.25

      [*]Jacket (cotton only) - 10.00
      [*]Trousers - 8.00
      [*]Shorts - 6.00
      [*]Shirt - 6.50
      [*]Shirt (casual) - 6.00
      [*]Dress Shirt - 7.50
      [*]Ties - 5.00
      [*]Pullover - 6.00
      [*]Bathrobe - 4.50
      [*]Swimming Trunk - 3.00
      [*]Underpants - 2.75
      [*]Vest - 2.75
      [*]Socks (pair) - 2.00
      [*]Nightgown - 6.00
      [*]T-Shirt - 5.00
      [*]Sweaters - 5.50
      [*]Handkerchief - 1.25

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