Neck Pillows

Our Tauck tour to Hawaii is almost here and I think the only thing I have left to buy is a neck pillow. I would like to sleep on this long flight, especially for the return flight. Which one do you like and why?


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    Neither my wife nor I ever found ones we liked- the seat backs on most aircraft except in business/first class are too vertical and just don't recline enough to make them comfortable or worthwhile. Our neck pillows sat on a shelf in the closet until the vinyl air bladder went bad and we threw them away.

    If you decide to get one, don't wait to buy it at a shop in the airport- they cost twice as much. Also, check out the covering- some cheap ones just have a flocked coating on the vinyl and may be hot or uncomfortable to your skin, while others are covered with different fabrics.
  • I agree with Alan. You are better off going to Macy's or Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase a small size (like the ones the airlines used to have on board) pillow. It may take up more room in your carryon bag, but will be more comfortable for your neck....and you'll be able to position it better when you want to move from side to side. Zzzzzz.
  • We bought inexpensive (under $10) inflatable travel pillows from a big box store. I think they were made by American Tourister or similar brand. They have a removable/washable cover made from fleece. Used them on a transatlantic flight. Like that you could inflate them as desired so they support your head side to side, but not at the back where you don't need or want it. Deflated, they were light and didn't take up much room in our carry on bags.

    What ever you get, try to buy before hand so you can try it out long before your trip.
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