A week in Rome and the Amalfi Coast

Hello! My mother and I are embarking on the Rome and the Amalfi Coast starting on the 9th of May. We were wondering while in Rome if we get to go the Pantheon?

Thank you!


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    I did the Classic Italy tour and after the morning tour they let us off and we walked to the Trevi fountain and Pantheon after lunch to our hotel up the Spanish Steps. I imagine your trip is the same. as far as that stuff is not included and is to be done in any free time you are given.
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    Pretty sure we did the Pantheon during our free time on this tour. It is a magical place for me, enjoy!
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    We are taking the A Week in ...Capri, the Amalfi Coast tour this year. Can you provide us details of your trip and tips on what not to miss and what to do in free time. We will arrive a day early.
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    We are going to Italy (Amalfi Coast and Rome) in June, 2024 and wanted to know if we had to make reservations for dinner on nights when dinner is not provided. Thanks.

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    For free time in Rome: download the Rick Steves app to your phone and do his ‘Heart of Rome’ guided audio walking tour. We did this one evening with another couple during our free time and it was fantastic! Pause and have a glass of wine somewhere. Continue. Pause and have dinner in a square. Continue. Check them all out, he has many great audio tours!!!

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