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Does anyone wear white slacks on the ship or on land tours? Am mentally packing.



  • You wear what you like. Just don't over pack. Just remember no one is keeping tabs on what you wear.
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    Theresa wrote:
    Does anyone wear white slacks on the ship or on land tours? Am mentally packing.

    Is this anything to do with not wearing white shoes before Memorial Day*? If you look good in white slacks, I can't see that being vulgar. I am assuming you will be teaming the slacks with a appropriately lovely top. ;)

    *Not being an American, I had to make sure I did know the significance of Memorial Day. It is only 2 days to April 25th, ANZAC Day, a very significant day (in the same vein) for Australians and New Zealanders, so my mind has turned to past sacrifice on distant foreign shores. I'm certainly not making light of your May date.



  • I was actually thinking about bringing some white slacks because they go with so much. The only reason I may not is because they don't stay clean as well as dark slacks.

    Ambassador: We were in your Anzac memorial museum in Sydney last year. It is a beautiful and moving place. I learned so much that I didn't know about your history.
  • I know what you mean about keeping white white! But if you chose a washable fabric (cotton or linen), you could deal with spots or actually do a dip, dip and drip dry in your cabin if you really had to. Don't forget, the ship has a laundry service and to wash & iron a pair of ladies trousers I thought the cost was very reasonable. (Last year.) Granted, you can get grubby wandering around, learning and seeing things every day, but white trousers could be a very useful on boat garment.

    Auckland has a War Memorial Museum ... you would remember that because of its prominent location above the city. Melbourne has the Shrine of Remembrance, a large and very imposing building set in parkland just outside the Central Business District ... on a wide boulevard designed as a ceremonial entry to the City. The Sydney Cenotaph is in Martin Place in the centre of the City. The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is the national war memorial and museum. All these places are moving. This ANZAC* Day is the 100th anniversary of that blood# and failed escapade known as the Gallipoli Landing in Turkey. Only Aussies & Kiwis could take such a failure and make it their foundation myth. But then they went on to the Western Front and win the war. Yes, I know ... America paid for the war to be won and supplied the grunt and the push at the end, but ANZAC troops fought for 4 years on foreign soil ... to win a foreign war. I know. There were no winners.

    *ANZAC: Australian and New Zealand Army Corp.
  • It just shows you, this posting being a prime example, that it is worth reading every subject because you never know what info someone might post. Jann, the Melbourne memorial was outstanding on our Australia tour.
  • If you can rock a pair of white slacks, go for it. Just be careful sitting on the deck chairs. The crew does a great job of keeping the ship spotless, but there are limits. I'd highly recommend packing some of those foil wrapped stain remover wipes just in case.
  • Claudia, while I'm familiar with the Tide to Go sticks, I'm not familiar with the foil wrapped stain removers that you mentioned. Who makes them and what are they called? Are they available in supermarkets or is it something you have to order? I'm familiar with the Downy product called Wrinkle Releaser. It's the next best thing to sliced bread and I always take it with me, but I'd also like to have the product you mentioned. We're leaving soon on a non Tauck riverboat trip on the Rhine and Mosel.

    Many thanks.
  • I buy Shout Wipe & Go Instant Stain Remover. It comes in a box of 12 individual wipes. Very easy to keep one in your purse for emergencies. If you can't find it in the grocery store, Amazon has it. I like your idea of the wrinkle releaser for travel. Might have to add that to my travel pack. The nice thing about river cruising is you can hang up your clothes instead of leaving them folded in a suitcase.

    Have fun on your cruise. We're doing the Tauck version later this year. Can't wait.
  • The Tide To Go sticks are wonderful and I do use them, but BEWARE if you put them on something white and then go outside in the sun it turns into a yellow stain that does not come out. Unfortunately I have ruined not 1 but 2 blouses that way. I think bleach finally worked to save one though.

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