Dancing, swimming and airport arrival

We will be taking the eastbound Danube cruise in July. 1. Will there be dancing available on board, and how often? 2. Is the Danube swimmable, and are there any stops where we might get to swim? 3. When we get back to Munich for our flight home, how early should we be at the airport for check-in?


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    To answer 2. There will hardly be any room for swimmers with all those cruise ships.
    Airport-- the standard is three hours before your flight, but Tauck will organize your time and transport, it's all included in the price. Your tour director will confirm your flight information for your return flights and tell you the details on the last day of your tour.
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    Your cruise ends in Budapest, so is the question about flights from there to Munich? As British notes, Tauck organizes the transport to the local airport or train station and gives instructions to you the night before.
    Note that if you want to swim, the "Blue" Danube is actually brown.
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    I can't speak to the swimming part but somehow doubt you'd want to. I've never heard of anyone swimming on a river cruise. There is the hot tub on deck.

    Dancing - probably not much. There is a small dance space in the Panorama Lounge between the bar and the seating area (next to the piano). The problem is that the lounge is also used for other group activities. On one night we had a trivia quiz, on another the crew's talent show. If there is a special event like local entertainers performing then the lounge will be used. If something like that wasn't going on, after dinner there usually was a singer and pianist. So maybe some dancing then. River cruise ships don't have the variety of spaces that the big cruise ships have.

    If you'd like to see more of the ship, go to the general River Cruise page, look under the "Ships" tab, then on the right hand side you'll see "360 Virtual Tour of the MS Treasures". It isn't the Treasure it's actually the MS Inspire - same ship design as the Savor. Click on it and on the lower right side you'll see 4 small grey buttons 1-4. It will show you the top deck, lounge, dining room, and lower deck where the gym, salon, etc are.

    On leaving for the airport, ditto what others have said. If you aren't staying in a hotel after the cruise, the Cruise Director will have you confirm your return flight plans and they will let you know the night before which group and time you'll be leaving with. They have a great system worked out.
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    Thank you for all of the information. I appreciate it. One more question about dancing. At the Imperial Viennese Evening, is the performance of Viennese music strictly a performance, or is there an opportunity for guests to dance as well.
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    Dancing at the Palace.

    The evening is a gala performance, shall we say, in terms of there being a collection of entertainments, all following the theme of "Vienna". So, there typically is a small chamber orchestra, a couple (if I remember correctly) of singers performing a light classical repertoire and similarly with a male and female dance pair. They perform a ballet duet and a Viennese waltz set. But I honestly doubt there will be either the space or opportunity for you to indulge in a waltz or two yourself. However, I'm sure, if you wish to, you could manage a waltz on the riverboat. Waltzing in Vienna is such a quintessential experience!


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    When I took the cruise there where several nights they had a guy playing piano and we did have one or two couples that danced to what he played. Other than that no chance to dance. This is a river cruise and there are differences to the big cruise ships. They are small and public rooms are used for many purposes. Enjoy! It is very relaxing, fun, and a great experience.

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