Robes in cabins?

Are there robes provided in the cabins on the MS Inspire? Thanks!


  • Besides this question, does anyone know if there's a library on board the Inspire. Did anyone do puzzles like on the major cruise ships?
  • If I had time to do puzzles on a Tauck tour, I wouldn't go, they are usually chock full of touring, little down time.
  • There certainly were people who did puzzles on the river cruises I have taken. And played cards. And rearranged the furniture to their liking. And made access and egress to the stern outside seating areas & the stairs to the sun deck quite difficult for other people. I'm not sure they knew, or cared, where they were or what wonderful sights they were missing.

    I don't actually recall the existence of a library, as in a collection of books and periodicals for the use of all guests.


  • We were on the MS Inspire on their May 27th to June 8th The Rhine and Mosel cruise. We were on the Ruby Deck and there were robes and slippers provided in the room. Also there was a Nespresso machine which I really enjoyed first thing in the morning and they kept the small refrigerator filled with water and soda. I do believe there is a small library but not sure if there is an ongoing puzzle - maybe in Arthur's. This is a fabulous boat! The tour directors and crew were absolutely wonderful. You will have a fantastic time whatever cruise you are on.
  • Thank you, rosepetal !!!
  • Thank you for everyone's information and comments. I'm going on the northbound 9-18-15 departure (Rhine and Moselle cruise). Did you generally find the day excursions were enough to see the local sights on each specific tour? Also, when you got to Amsterdam at the end, was there time to take in the Vincent van Gogh museum? Do you know if Tauck secures the museum passes for any of the museums in that city?
  • I took the Rhine & Mosel trip, which is 13 days ... a little longer than yours at 8, so my experience of Amsterdam might be a little different. We had a morning canal trip and an afternoon guided tour (all included) of the Rijksmuseum. The canal trip give you a great insight into Amsterdam's history, art & architecture. There was extra time after the formal museum tour that you could spend in the Rijksmuseum or you could go the Van Gogh Museum which is very close to the entrance of underground bus park. No doubt the Tauck TD's will point that out to everyone. They will also explain how to get back to the riverboat using public transport. As the bus was taking us to the canal boat, we had a good roundabout route, so we did see a fair bit. Of course it wasn't enough! I noticed that your itinerary for Amsterdam is very similar, but doesn't specify which museum is included. Perhaps this might give you a choice?

    Many people on my trip extended in Amsterdam. I would heartily support this! There is such a lot to see and do in Amsterdam.



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