Train travel venice, florence rome tour

For anyone who has taken the venice, florence, rome 8 day tour to get to each city you go by train my question is will the tour group have someone to take them to each train? Or are you on your own at the train station to find your train?

Amd the same when arriving at each stop will there be someone with the group the whole train ride to then take us to our transfers? Or are we on our own?

The trip details doesnt say much on that so were wondering if the group stays together during the train rides and if there will be a tauck rep with us on all the train rides?


  • I haven't been on this tour, but with few exceptions (free time, etc.), from my experience, your tour director stays with your group the entire time- on planes, and boats and trains, buses, safari vehicles, and even on hot air balloons. To quote the "Before You go" section:

    "A Week in… Venice, Florence & Rome is conducted by a Tauck Director who remains with the group throughout the tour. Your Tauck Director is a professional, fully trained employee of Tauck."

    Part of TD training is herding cats : )

    I'm sure someone who has been on this trip can fill you in on the specific routine- baggage pickup and delivery to/from your room, distributing tickets, seating assignments, rendezvous points, what to do if you get separated, etc., etc., but needless to say your TD will watch over everyone like a mother hen, continuously counting heads, baggage, etc.
  • You have signed up for a Tauxk tour, I don't know want experiences you have had with other tours, but that is why maybe Tauck has prices a little higher, you do not need to worry about a thing, train logistics included.
  • On the classic italy tour we took train from Florence ti Venice and our TD was with us all the way and we had assigned seats that kept us together. No need to worry when on a Tauck tour.
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