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Does anyone know why most of the posts are tagged abusive? I see that the three I posted are tagged as such and I am wondering why. I have logged in to website using proper protocols. I have not taken my first Tauck trip yet so I did not complain about anything. Am I missing something?


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    I think you are the unfortunate victim of the fact that this forum is spammed all the time. So, first posts by new members where the post may, in some people's opinion, not seem relevant to the thread end up tagged as abusive. Now that you have returned to query this (something the spammers never do), I hope your future posts will be viewed as legitimate.

    Please understand that the reaction by regular posters here to what is thought to be spam is because we really like Tauck and the travelers we meet on the tours and just don't like to see the forum diminished by offers to buy fake passports, etc. Some also tend to pose questions designed to lead us to their web site, etc. Also adding to the suspicion is when the same post appears in multiple threads without any connection to that thread. There's another example of this on the forum today.

    So, I'll apologize on behalf of the Tauck user community...or at least myself.
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    I'm not seeing any "abusive" tags on 4 of your 5 posts, so am not sure what you are referring to?

    At the bottom of the text box for all posts on this forum there are the words "report abusive." If you scroll your cursor over those words you will see they are a link that allows others to report any post that is abusive. I don't see that any of your posts have been tagged as "abusive."
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    Hi August,

    I'm sorry to hear that that happened! I have had my posts reported as abusive occasionally, as well.
    I've looked over your posts and I don't see anything even remotely inappropriate there. I checked a few locations and didn't see any of them in the list of reported posts either. The overwhelming majority of the posts that DO get reported as abusive are also similarly just fine. I think it must be happening by accident.

    Did you receive an email or something about it? I do not believe I've ever received an email about my posts being reported, I've just noticed occasionally when checking the lists of posts that were reported abusive.

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    Tauck Tim,

    How would you classify the recent post in the Puglia forum with subject line, "Want to ask kilometers from london airport to parklane street."

    Update: post was just deleted. Thanks.

    Unless the link causes your computer to be infected with malware (I didn't click on it), it looks more like spam since it does not relate to the forum topic and does not fall under the definition of "abusive." How do we report that kind of post? Has Tauck made any progress with the SPAM problem.

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I love reading post about feedback and tips from Tauck travelers. My husband and I have traveled with many other tour companies and never checked to see if they had the option we are afforded on this website.
    Maybe I just have more time on my hands now.
    Thanks to all for being so helpful.
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    Hi AlanS,

    Good catch — that was definitely spam. I've deleted it and blocked the person who made it.

    We've examined a number of approaches that the existing software would allow, but most of what we found would have had negative affects on regular people's ability to use the forums. Our IT team has identified a few approaches that won't, in theory, affect anyone other than a spammer, but none of them came ready with the current forum software, so our IT team is going to set aside the time as soon as they're able to get the work done to fix the problem permanently.
    In the interim, we've identified the times of day (or, if you're located on the east coast of the United States like we are, the times of night) that spam most frequently comes in, and making sure to check for it during those time periods and again several hours later (first thing in the morning, over here). That way, since we can't yet stop the spammers from posting in the first place, we can at least make sure that the interruption is minimized.

    Also, I'm pretty sure there is a "report spam" link that we can enable that works similarly. I'll look for it and see if we can turn it on.

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    I can very easily tell you the reason why some posts get accidentally tagged as abusive. I use my iPads, I have a small one and large one, probably happens more on my small screen, I use them 'landscape' way around. Occasionally when I am scrolling down the messages, I accidentally hit the 'Report abuse' button, this happens more when I have enlarged the reading area and the report abuse box is at the very right edge of the page and more accidently touched by my scrolling finger, the little box comes up saying Do you really want to report this as abuse? And of course I hit 'no'. But a couple of times I have inadvertently hit the wrong icon and it gets reported. I hasten to add that I post a lot and have been doing so for a few years now, it rarely happens. surely other people have done this by mistake, I certainly cannot remember the last time I was guilty, certainly not you August 16!
    Actually, the only memorable time I have reported was earlier this year, I was not at home and it was probably the middle of the night In the US. A message popped up, it contained a picture of the poster on the left side and it was a picture of the Boston bomber. I quickly reported and found the nearest appropriate contact email I could with Tauck to let them know, I got a reply from them and a thanks and the post, it may have been two posts, were deleted pretty quickly. We love you August, keep posting!
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    Hi British,

    That's exactly what I was thinking happens. That same kind of thing certainly happens to me when I use my iPad or iPhone from time to time.
    Just for the record, everyone, if you actually, seriously want to report either an abusive post or a probable spammer, just send an email to us at esupport@tauck.com. During the week, we check that mailbox and respond to messages twice a day.


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