• Yes, all Tauck river cruise ships provide laundry service for a price. There are bags and forms in your stateroom. Fill out the form, place it in the bag with the item(s) and leave on your bed for your room attendant. You clothes will be returned to your room the next day. Settle up your bill at the end of your cruise by credit card - no cash on the ship. I paid just over $13 for 2 pairs of pants on a recent cruise.
  • I try to take clothes that can be washed by hand and only send pants to the laundry. A bag of laundry can get expensive.
  • I did a fair amount of hand washing as well - socks, undies, and some long sleeve tops. Anything with a synthetic blend dried within a day. Anything cotton or wool blend took 2.

    The showers have pull out clothes lines. You can either use the provided shampoo or a small bottle of your own liquid. You may also want to bring a stopper. I can't remember what the sinks were like on the Swiss Emerald, but the newer Inspire class ships have bathroom sinks that don't have a stopper. I purchased one made by Oxo kitchen products made out of silicon which worked beautifully.
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