Rhine Moselle June 9 northbound

Reaching out to see if anyone is booked on the Rhine and Moselle cruise departing June 9th. We are arriving into Zurich on the morning of the 7th and are thinking about booking a car service from ZRH to the Basel hotel. Husband hastes the "bag drag"! Does anyone have suggestions for a car service (yes, I know the trains are wonderful) and is anyone else arriving into ZRH on the 7th who might be interested in sharing the ride?


  • I assume you do know that if you flew direct into Basel Tauck would send a car service to pick you up and take you to the ship (or their hotel) if you are staying there first?
  • CLAUDIA, I saw this post but then realized that the tour begins in Basel. I assume that travel agents are not informing their Tauck customers of all the benefits of the vacation. This question seems to be being asked a lot recently.
  • Yep, that was my fear. Given the price of everything in Switzerland I'd hate to see someone pay for something that Tauck would have provided free. Flying from my home to Switzerland, the price is pretty much the same whether we land Basel or Zurich. However, I recognize that there may be legitimate reasons why they are flying to Zurich instead.

    Also complicating the situation is knowing beforehand where the ship is docked so they can direct the driver. Docking can change and they may not know until a day or two before. Tauck's car service always knows exactly where we need to go.

    BTW, from personal and very frustrating experience, Swiss trains aren't that easy to negotiate on your own.
  • Am using Tauck transfers from the Hotel to the ship on embarkation day. Just considering options for Zurich to Basel and seeing if anyone is maybe thinking similarly. Thanks for your input.
  • We did this cruise southbound last fall with 2 extra days at the Tauck hotel in Basel. While we didn't have a good experience of Swiss trains we did enjoy using the free city transit pass provided by the Hotel - it covers both trams and buses. The concierge can give you a map. It sounds a bit goofy but we took a couple of the routes all the way to the end and back just watching the scenery, people, etc. After 2 weeks of guided walking tours it felt great to just sit and watch the world go by.

    Best of luck on your cruise.
  • My wife and I are booked on the June 9 voyage. We will be arriving in Zurich on the 7th, and will be traveling to Basel on the 8th. We were planning to take the train, but would be interested in sharing a car service. The train is inexpensive, under $70 per person, but I would prefer not hauling our luggage in and out of the train car. Please let us know if you find a reasonable/reliable car service. We will be staying at the Tauck provided hotel in Basel on the 8th.
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