Adapter for Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe

Going on the South Africa: An Elegant Adventure on Sept. 9, 2015. Does anyone know what type of electrical adaptor I should buy for the Victoria Falls Hotel?


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    While I can't tell you for sure what you'll nedd at that hotel, you may find this web site helpful:

    It lists (if you click on the "full list" link by each plug type) the standards for each country worldwide. Somewhat unhelpfully, and not uncommon for many countries in Africa and Asia, there are a couple of types in use in Zimbabwe (D & G), one of which (G) is quite unusual. D is the UK standard and easy to find.

    We've built quite a collection of plug adapters during our travels. The good news, of course, is that most electrical devices like computer, phone and camera chargers are 50-60 Hz, 110-220V compatible which works everywhere.
  • Since Zambia uses several types of adapters, if it were me, I would just wait and buy at the airport or borrow from the hotel. I just came back from Zambia and ended up borrowing from the front desk.
  • I took this trip two years ago. I had trouble finding the Zimbabwe adapter in the US (and was confused about what to order from the internet). The hotel had no adapters to share but you may have better luck. I just made sure that when I left South Africa for Zimbabwe that all batteries were charged completely (and I had an extra camera battery, also charged) and I didn't need electrical hookup at all.
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    Not to confuse the issue further, but unlike the US, other countries (hotels and homes in those countries) routinely use two different types of receptacles for common electrical devices- one size/configuration for small, low wattage devices, e.g. electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, etc. and another type for higher wattage equipment, e.g. TV's, lamps, clothes irons, etc. That is why you see more than one type of adapter listed in various sources.

    (Note: Receptacles in US homes and hotels are mainly 110 volts. The US also has 220 volt receptacles, but they are usually in special spaces and dedicated to very high wattage equipment like clothes dryers, ovens, etc.)

    The good news is that if you will only be recharging batteries in small (low wattage) electronic devices, e.g. cell phones, tablets, laptops, camera's, etc. which are typically rated for dual voltage (110V in the US and 220V everywhere else), you can use either type of foreign outlet with the appropriate adapter. Both supply 220 volts.

    A US hairdryer rated for 110 volts only is another story and should be left home.
  • Unlike the U.S.? We have three types. Two prong, three prong and the huge ones for things like dryers. I am sire that confuses people coming here.
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    Yes, but you can plug a US 110V two prong (non-grounded) plug into a US 110V, three hole (actually two slots and round hole, grounded) receptacle which is seldom possible in other countries : ) .

    Actually, in the US there are many more plug/receptacle configurations, but the others are rarely seen in homes and hotels- e.g. 15 Amp and 20 Amp 110V receptacles are different, though you can insert a 15A plug into a 20A receptacle, just not visa versa. And Lord knows there are any number of 220V receptacles in the US- 20A, 30A, electric dryer, twist lock, etc., etc., but again travelers won't see, or need to worry about those in the US.

    My point, which can be easily lost when getting technical, is that in most cases, a US traveler can use just about any of the receptacles found in foreign homes and hotels (desk, wall, even "Shavers Only" receptacles) to charge all (dual voltage) electronic devices we seem unable to travel without these days, with one or more types of adapter.
  • The Victoria Falls Hotel has one outlet in the room that you can plug the South Africa adapter in to.

    This is the South Africa adapter I bought:

    This is the Zimbabwe adapter I bought:

    There was an outlet for both in the room at the Victoria Falls Hotel and the adapters linked above worked.
  • Oh dear ….. in the olden days …. when I visited the Victoria Falls Hotel … I didn't need any adapter plugs. I didn't take a hair dryer and my camera didn't have a rechargeable battery ……. Mind you, Rhodesia was a different universe then …
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