Murano and Burano

I am wondering about the day in Murano and Burano. Is there an actual tour that day or will we be exploring on our own? I am asking because I am trying to research any areas we will have free time and the itinerary for that day isn't clear. Thanks!


  • If no on responds. It is much quicker to call Tauck and ask them.
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    The itinerary here on the website doesn't go into a lot of detail but it says, "First stop is Murano, famous for glass production since the Renaissance days of the 10th century. See how artisans still craft their signature glass in the traditional way at a glassblowing demonstration at a Murano studio. Visit the island of Burano, renowned for lacemaking." They will be providing transportation to each island so I assume that you are on a tour at least part of the time. Typically, Tauck will begin a day or visit with a guided activity, followed by time to tour further or shop on your own. As British said, you may need to give Tauck a call for more detail.
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