What to wear

I know the key word is layer but I was wondering if anyone has had experience in the Alps? I would think it would be cold but don't want to bring a coat along if it is not necessary.


  • Going on the July 9 2016 tour
  • First off, read everything under the Before You Go tab for your trip. You'll find temp highs and lows for the major stops, rain avgs, elevation, and packing tips. Lots more useful info.

    I haven't spent alot of time in Switzerland but do live at 7,000ft and spent alot of time in the Rockies. At the very least I would take a decent water resistant windbreaker that can layer over a long sleeve shirt. High altitudes often equal wind which can turn a pleasant temp into very cool quickly. You're also likely to get some rain. I'd also take a hat/gloves or be prepared to purchase them there. Makes a memorable souvenir.

    For layering, we've found some great tshirts made by different companies (32 Degree, Cuddlduds, etc) available from several retailers. They are very lightweight and most hand launder in a hotel sink and dry quickly.

    Hope this helps.

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