iPhone 6s in South Africa

Does anyone know how to make my iPhone 6s work in South Africa?


  • Call your phone company and ask for a month of international Data plan, phone and text. The price has just gone up from $30 to $40 at At and T. I found that others in my group had similar prices from their carriers on my recent trip to England last week. I made calls, used google maps for getting around on foot and looked at texts and emails on my phone. Unless you really have to make phone calls, it is much easier to FaceTime people on an iPad for free, text on the iPad for free and email free. Wifi is free at the Tauck hotels. Avoiding phone calls means you do not have to consider what time it is back in the US. One girl was going to call her husband back home, everyone else told her it was 4am in the US, she called him anyway, I'd be having divorce proceedings beginning if I had woken my husband at that time.
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