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My husband and I are going on this tour in October. I am concerned for our safety while in Rio especially due to the recent assault on an Olympic althlete. We have traveled extensively in many foreign countries and know the precautions to take. My question is what does Tauck do to ensure our safety when we are sight seeing? Has anyone that has been on this trip had any problems?


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    We traveled to Israel and Jordan with Tauck last Fall during the period of stabbings in and around Jerusalem and had the same concerns. I called Tauck and they referred me to the woman who was in charge of their security worldwide. She was very informative about the local situation there and what Tauck was doing to ensure the safety of its travelers. Suggest you call. Spend two great and safe weeks on our tour.
    Lastly our friend is currently working at the Olympics and staying with her son who lives in Rio. Have asked her about safety issues and she says use common sense.
  • Rio has always been known for being dangerous. I am guessing you will not be leaving a club at 4am blind drunk, so that should help. If Tauck was not capable of keeping it's customers safe there, it would not offer the tour. Just observe all the guidelines Tauck gives you, like leaving your Rolex at home and things like that.
  • My husband and I took this trip earlier this year. We left all good jewelry at home -- which we always do when we travel. Our Tour Director made it clear from the beginning that any valuables belonged in the room safes. We wore no jewelry at all in Rio -- not even watches. I did not carry a pocketbook and my husband wore his Polo shirts out rather than tucked in to cover the pocket where he had his wallet and iPhone. I am not telling you this to scare you. Just the opposite. Better safe than sorry. If you act responsibly you should be fine. Copacabana Beach is right across the street from the hotel and is gorgeous -- but you should not be taking a stroll in the sand late at night. Essence of South America was probably our favorite tour ever. A wonderful mix of cities and natural wonders. We would take it again tomorrow with zero hesitation. Have a wonderful time!!
  • Bamullins wrote:
    My husband and I are going on this tour in October. I am concerned for our safety while in Rio especially due to the recent assault on an Olympic althlete.
    How sad it this. Bamullins asks what they think is a very reasonable question for what seems to be a first-time tourist experience to Rio. And the entire thing is sullied by the lies and misrepresentation of a cosseted (and as it turns out) little emperor with no clothes. And how appalling is the reality for everyone who believed those lies! How humiliating for those officials who are left to try to clean up the mess. How grovelling an apology. No one likes a situation like this. So much for the Olympic spirit!

    Since this is your first post on the Forum, and I'm assuming your first experience of travelling with Tauck, please don't let this farce influence your future travel experience. South America is a wonderful part of our world. Tauck will take very good care of you. Do you really think Tauck would knowingly take American citizens to an unsafe destination? I mean ... do you really?

    Me? That's another story! Yuk, yuk. (Ah ... that won't work! That's a Canadian reference.)

    That was a joke. :-0

    Seriously, take the advice offered by the other posters. Leave all your jewellery at home. It's not a fair fight to jangle one's baubles in front of people who have less than you. Greed. Envy. Fear. Ignorance. They really are nasty things to spread around. Leave them in a dark, safe cupboard ... then go to Rio and have the time of your life.
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    Rio is a big city- like many big cities around the world (New York, Paris, Rome) and other popular, crowded attractions, you can expect crime against tourists. Pickpockets, unscrupulous taxis, various scams, and unfortunately some more serious crime are all possible. While an individual tourist may not be rich (a relative term) generally, if they didn't have money they wouldn't be traveling. The petty criminals can usually easily tell who does or does not have money.

    To reduce the chances you will be a victim, travel smart. Follow the recommended guidelines for travelers about carrying money, where/when not to go, etc. You can easily find info on the internet or in travel books by Rick Steve's and others. For more serious issues check the websites of the US State Department and comparable government agencies in the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.
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