August 13 Traveler Report

We just returned from the August 13 Ireland and Great Britain tour. We stayed a wonderful hotels, had delicious meals, and the usual top-notch Tauck organization and service. We went on the England, Scotland, and Wales trip last year and found this one to be a good follow-up. This trip does include some 2+ hour stints on your feet, but the tour guides are careful to find sitting spots along the way. We recommend taking full advantage of your afternoons off to explore - there is much to see in all of the cities. The concierges at the hotels were very helpful - take advantage of their expertise. Most of the people in our group visited the Titanic Experience in Belfast and agreed that it was well worth the 2-3 hours. The day traveling from Belfast to Edinburgh is long, but the ferry is luxurious. Be sure to see a show in Dublin if you can. The hotel is very close to theaters. Tauck has packed a lot of experiences into this trip - we slept very well!


  • Did you find the layout of the Titanic Experience a bit confusing? We visited last month during Best of Ireland. It was a bit crowded the day we went, which made it very hard to see/find/follow the tiny little numbers designating each area and made it hard to follow along with the audio guides without missing anything. Also, there was audio coming from speakers on some displays so it was easy for the two to conflict. Other than that, it was very good.

  • Sharon,

    Thanks for your helpful post! When you mentioned "2 hours on your feet," did you mean standing or walking? I can walk for miles, but my leg veins won't tolerate prolonged standing.

    I'm looking forward to my adventure, beginning this coming week!

    Nancy McCoy
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