Classic KT safari August 11-24

Hi: Ilene and Alvin from Tucson. We are excited about our first trip to Africa. What are the wall outlets like? We will need to recharge our iPhones and camera batteries.


  • Hi, My husband and I are on the same tour. Should be a good one.

    We have been to Kenya/Tanzania once before and had no problem charging up our electronics. Just bring currency adaptors and all should be fine.

    When we went before we took our teens and when everything needed to be charged at once the kids had good luck asking to borrow adaptors at the front desks of the resorts.

    Sue and Brian
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    This question has been answered many times on the forum, check the archives. All you really need to bring is one adapter and a multi-outlet travel power strip like this one from Monster which has four outlets. The short cord stows neatly:


    Some travel multi-outlet power strips also have USB power ports. Remember, once you plug it into a 220V wall outlet (with the appropriate adapter) all the outlets on the strip will be energized with 220V. However, luckily most modern chargers and power modules operate on both 120V and 220V, but check them anyway- the rating will be printed or stamped on the module. You don't want to let the smoke out : )
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