Supplemental Medical and Evacuation Insurance

Would appreciate recommendations on reputable insurance companies that provide medical coverage and emergency evacuation insurance overseas.

Its that time, my next trip to Africa, I will be 65 and moving onto Medicare....


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    Do you need more than is available from Tauck and your own medical insurance provider? Tauck insurance covers both medical and evacuation. The link to the policy is in the "Before You Go" > 'Tauck Travel Protection Product."

    "To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance that contains the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the certificate, visit

    You should also find one or more lengthy discussions on the forums here if you search using "insurance." If you are not familiar with the search function here is an example for a simple search for discussions about "Capri":

  • Yes, as Alan says. Did you take out the travel insurance with Tauck, or have you not booked your trip yet?
  • Haven't booked next trip to africa yet, I will read the Tauck insurance in more detail...thank you...that might be all I need, I know Medicare won't cover any expenses outside USA...
  • When traveling outside the USA we always take Tauck insurance as Medicare won't pay for anything. At the present time, Tauck's insurance will cover you for a few days before and after the Tauck trip start and end dates. We have taken out a supplemental plan when our arrival or departure is beyond the days that Tauck covers. It's best to get the latest coverage details as they might have changed.
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