Eating and drinking while in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

We are leaving soon (November 2017) for our Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand trip which also just happens to be our Honeymoon Trip :):)

I'm prior military and have been in places such as Iraq and Turkey and didn't have a problem eating the local food but my wife is concerned about trying street food while traveling.

* Street food in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand Ok to consume?

* Is the water in the Hotels picked by Tauck potable and ok to brush teeth with?

* Is it Ok to use Ice in our drinks while in the hotels?

* Are sandals ok to wear while visiting the Temples and other places?

Can't think of anything else at the moment but any input from the community is appreciated. Both of us are super excited to be on this tour and we know it will truly a memorable experience.

I'll report back on our journey through these beautiful countries. I'll actually have a blog going while I'm traveling with pics and comments. I'll post a link later on.

Thanks to Tauck and this community!



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    Hi Dan, Tauck always tell you whether you can drink the water, or brush your teeth with it, safely have ice, safely try street food on any of their tours. Bottled water is always provided whatever, in the hotel rooms and on the buses.
    Sorry, can't answer the sandals question but perhaps you can report back to the forum when you return because we have the Vietnam, Cambodia and Loas trip booked.
  • Hotel water was fine for teeth brushing and ice. As I recall, Tauck took care of most of the meals, and I figured it was because they didn't want us eating street food or at random places. We did eat lunch on our own in Hoi An. We visited a street market in Hanoi where the meat was on a tarp on the sidewalk and they were butchering it right there....figured the street vendors who carry everything on their shoulders (no carts) weren't too fussy either. I was the sickest I had ever been while traveling while on this trip. I missed an entire day in Saigon, and while I was able to travel with the group, it took the full three days before I felt fine and could eat anything. I suspected the cause was the dank air while crawling through the deep part of the Chu Chi tunnels (based on the fact that 4 of the 5 of us who did the tunnels got various forms of whatever it was)
    As far as sandals...I wore them in Vietnam but had read somewhere that covered shoes were required in the temples in Thailand so wore covered shoes there. I do not recall our TD mentioning that ( he could have...but can't recall).
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    Hi Dan, I would only add that you can easily protect yourself should the worst happen and you contract dysentery by getting a prescription from your Dr. for Zithromax or Ciprofloxacin as a precaution before you leave. I’ve never, ever gotten sick on a Tauck tour. But I’ve experienced dysentery through partners & friends on various 3rd world adventures. If one of you gets sick, nothing can ruin your trip quicker. So cover your tail (lol) & have a wonderful honeymoon.
  • You should ABSOLUTELY bring some sort of medication for the contingency of getting sick on a trip. I had Cipro, but, unfortunately, that is reactive, not proactive. It took 24 hours before I stopped vomiting (TMI ?.) long enough to be able to begin the medication, and then it took the entire three days before I could eat or felt well. I did not miss any activities, but it was a struggle. I was about two hours away from our TD bringing in the doctor. I think I was so bad because I had started a cold as well, so now I travel with cold medication and Airborne ( proactive)! Oh, woe is me!!
    Probably the best thing you can do ion any trip is to become a “ born-again” hand washer! Take wipes and Sanitizer and avail yourself of hot water and soap whenever the opportunity presents itself!
  • Bring at least 2 pairs of good walking shoes in case one pair gets wet. It does rain a lot there and walking at Angkor Wat can be challenging.
  • Regarding eating street food --we did! We went on a fabulous food tour in Hanoi ( Notonly did we eat lots of various tastes - we even learned some new skills. We sat at the small child-like table and squatted down to the the very low stools. Geetting down was easy - getting up ...another story!! We have no problems with the food...I highly recommend this food tour -

    Safe travels - Nancy
  • anyone from northern Virginia going on the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos tour beginning 14 March ?
    Do people usually change for dinner? I know it's going to be hot and humid.
    Any hints would be appreciated - places to eat on free nights, things to see not included in the tour, etc.
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    This was my first trip with Tauck, I have to say... I felt in Love with all 3., each one different and special.
    This tour is excellent, if you are lucky to get Larry as a Tour D. , this will be the tour of your lifetime!! He is amazing, funny and very helpfull.
    In general you will eat at the rest. either in the hotel or the ones selected by Tauck. if you want to eventure... the TD will guide you. I would stay away from street food, to be honest. don't jeopardize your trip eating things you don't know..
    The bakery at the Sofitel Hanoi is incredible , The muppet t show is great, all the hotel are excellent.. In Cambodia you do want eat at the hotel and watch the folklore show. Sandals are most temples you'll remove your shoes anyways... Tauck will supply water all the time when touring and also the hotels... you can also ask for more. When I went is was warm but not humid. I went in Nov. In Thailand- Bangkok is pretty dirty.... and crowded, do not eat any street food without telling the TD, they will advise. The Shangri L. if it is the same one it has 2 buildings.. on the other building (old) one there was an Italian Rest. that was amazing. also a chocolate boutique. Drinks are awesome too.
    Have a lovely trip.
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    street food in Vietnam is the best, just choosing the most crowded store you find and you will love it. I suggest some dishes for you: Pho Cuon (Spring rolls), bun cha (grilled pork with white noodles), banh my sot vang (breads and beef soup.
    For the drinking part, beers has the price around 50 cents per cup, don't underestimate, it can knock you down anytime :)
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