Would a couple of 20-somethings be out of place on the Patagonia trip?

I'm considering the Patagonia trip and may invite my daughter and her boyfriend along. They will be 27/28 at trip time. I've done several trips with Tauck and have been on the younger end of the age range of the group (age 60), however the trips I've done have been more historic than scenic/rugged.

Does this trip tend to attract younger folks? Would a couple of millenials be out of place?


  • I am taking this tour this coming November. I am sure to post a review.
    Every Tauck tour is different, so you could find yourselves with younger people. Our most recent Tauck tour had several younger people than us. I would say we were about in the middle for age. I think the variety adds to the tour. As long as everyone is on time
  • There were a few of younger people on the trip when we went (30s?), but generally it was the typical Tauck mix of people in their 50s, 60s and up. Generally, people are welcoming regardless of age on Tauck trips, so I wouldn't let that deter younger people unless it bothers them. The one thing I would say is that because of the typical age of Tauck travelers, the activity level is not very strenuous (generally a limited number of short hikes). So younger people might want to choose a company that specializes in active travel (like Backroads and others of that sort). After taking the trip, we thought that an active travel choice might have been better for us (we love to hike, even in our 60s). Of course, it's hard to beat Tauck's awesome tour directors and luxury hotels). Hope this helps.
  • Ken - Appreciate your comments. I have been looking for something more active, but still with a good comfort level, and I'm having trouble finding anything. I was all set to book with Odysseys, but they have an absurd cancellation policy (for any reason, with 60 days notice.) This makes booking air on one's own problematic, so I dismissed than option.

    If you have any specific suggestions, I'd appreciate you emailing me at barrykmd at google's mail service. Probably shouldn't discuss alternatives on this forum :-)
  • Barry-

    Check https://www.backroads.com/ I've traveled with them before and highly recommend them. They provide a high level of comfort (their picnics are amazing and they stay at nice hotels or inns for their "premiere" trips). Their trips don't cover as much ground (basically you spend a week in one area). You could combine their Patagonia trip with time on your own in Buenos Aires to do a longer trip. Good luck.

  • I think it is wonderful to have people of ALL ages on these tours. Tauck isn't just for seniors. My travel partner is 35 years old and she loves the Tauck "1st class" travel. Also, from experience, you have the option everyday to go with the group or not. So, younger people might find something else interesting to do while we "old folks" go with the flow. I highly encourage men and woman of every age to travel with Tauck. It just makes it more fun !!
  • I think it totally depends on the person who is traveling not necessarily on the age.
    I also like the idea that all different kind of people and also age groups are part of a journey. For me this is very enriching.
  • Well, we took the plunge. Signed up for the 12/21/18 trip. So if anyone else wants to be in the company of a couple of 20-something avid hikers/marathoners, etc. consider this date. Oh, and I'll be there, too, trying to keep up with them on our free activity day. :-) Past summer efforts include hiking the Mt Tallac trail (10 mi/3200 ft vertical) in Tahoe; and a 60 mile/4000 ft vertical bike ride from Keystone, CO to the top of Vail Pass, and back.

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