books on ireland

Do you have any recommendations for good books on Ireland?


  • There is a recommended reading list on the page for the tour, check out all the links
  • There is no longer a recommended reading list as the company, Longitude Books, ceased to exist a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions.
  • Interesting news. Kinda of sad.

    If you get Rick Steves travel guides they always have a list of book and movies related to the area. The Ireland one has some good suggestions.

    I also look at what my local library and Amazon have available. The nice thing is their search engines allow me to narrow the focus - history, archaeology, fiction, etc.
  • I just got the Rick Steves Ireland 2018 book. It was very helpful. I actually got a lot of great tips and information online by searching the areas that we were going to visit. I also got a lot of good information from Pintrist believe it or not! They have a lot of travel tips for Ireland on there. I made a new board with a lot of pins.
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