Scandinavia Trip Best Place Launder?

So not to have to pack 14 pairs of boxers, any advice about the best hotel on the Scandinavia trip to have clothing wash done?


  • Get three pairs of ExOfficio underwear. They wash and dry very quickly so no need to have multiple pairs packed. We used them on 14 day Australia/New Zealand and South Africa/Zimbabwe trips and it worked out quite well. It leaves more space for other clothes. Take a few clothes clips to use for drying them.
  • AshvEd - I never heard of that brand, so took a look. Recent reviews are pretty bad, with many stating they loved the old product, but it changed (material, and large uncomfortable label) within the last year.

    I had something similar happen with New Balance sneakers. Loved the ones I had, then a few years ago, it was idifferent and poorly made. Cheapened product from a different Chinese factory, I guess.
  • Mr B has always worn what you guys call tighty whities type underwear in multiple colors for which I am very grateful, they take up no more room than a woman’s underwear and of course dry very quickly. That’s my advice, even if you only wear them for your trips, they cost way less than ex officio which are very expensive and I think is for those who just have to have anything that company sells. I also hate to see men in great pants with the boxer end line. And yes Mr B wears speedos when we are in Europe, I am now waiting for the comments ????
  • British wrote:
    And yes Mr B wears speedos when we are in Europe, I am now waiting for the comments ????

    Since you requested comments, here's one:
    Thanks for NOT posting pictures ????
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