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We are travelling in September on this tour and need advice on which currency or currencies we need. US dollars, euros or as we are Canadian, do we take CDN dollars? Any help would be appreciated.


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    We only took US dollars. There is little opportunity to buy anything outside of the resort or lodge areas until you get to Cape Town. The village they take you to accepts dollars in their bartering. In Cape Town there are shops, all of who will take credit cards. The best place to buy souvenirs now of a good quality is a new ‘Craft Shed’ very near the hotel. I bought some stuff there which is better quality made by crafts people. They also take credit cards.
  • Hi barrylori,
    I agree with British. We took Rand with only because of a private tour we took that required payment in Rand. Otherwise, U.S. dollars or credit cards was what we used for purchases. I also agree with British that the craft shed in Cape Town was a great place to buy quality souvenirs from local people.
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    If you arrive early and wish to cross the bridge/border from Livingstone, Zambia into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for shopping or a tour; the US Dollar is the unofficial currency of Zimbabwe.
  • I generally agree with above responses. We did get some Rand for Cape Town. There is some free time there and for smaller purchases, tipping, taxis we found the Rand to be helpful and appreciated. Everyplace else US dollars were readily accepted. We bought a driftwood sculpture at the Watershed and used a credit card. It is only a couple of blocks from the One and Only.
  • Thank you all for your quick replies. It looks like once again the US dollar reigns supreme.
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