Any previous Tauck travelers?

My husband and I are Tauck "newbies" on our first trip with the company. Has anyone travelled with Tauck before?
Any advice regarding travel on one of these trips?


  • We have taken around 30 tours with Tauck in the past fifteen years and love traveling with them.
    My best advice is to arrive at least a day early, preferably two days early to get over jet lag. The tours are busy and sometimes have early starts.
    Read all the 'pull down' parts on the page for your tour and you will see lots more information like weather to expect and things to pack.
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    We have only done about a third of British's tally, but Classic Italy (Small Groups) was one of them. In addition to reading the 'Before You Go' info on the tour page like British recommends, check out the Tauck forum archives. They are tour specific and contain many very informative posts about going early, staying late, what to see, where to eat, etc. etc. Check out both Classic Italy and Classic Italy, Small Groups forums (they are listed at the bottom of the Travel Forums Home). If you read through those a lot of your questions will be answered. If you have a specific question, try a forum search. Both will allow you to come back here and ask focused questions for those that aren't answered. Classic Italy was one of our favorites.
  • You've made an excellent choice. We've made a dozen trips with Tauck and Classic Italy (our first) remains one of our favorites. British made an excellent suggestion about arriving early. Not only will it help you get over your jet lag, but if you are delayed due to airline problems (happened to us twice), you won't miss anything or have to chase down the tour.

    Do a bit of planning before you go to the most out of your free time. While the tour directors will always have suggestions, you'll want to see the things that most interest you. Rick Steves guides and the Eyewitness guides from DK publishing are good sources. Be sure to check opening days for museums.

    Things we love about Tauck:

    Great food (especially in Italy) and hotels. The hotels are centrally located so that you can walk to many sights.

    No upsells or kickbacks. They don't try to sell you on additional day tours or lock you in a gift shop so that the tour director gets a comission.

    Tour directors that range from great to OMG awsome.

    Extras and suprises.

    You'll find that many travelers on your trip will have used Tauck before. They inspire loyalty.

    Happy travels!

  • We are on the trip that starts on May 28.Is that your trip? We have done 7trips with Tauck. The trips are well run. Bring comfortable walking shoes and a train jacket. You will find the other guests fascinating.
  • Sorry for the typo. I meant rain jacket! ????????
  • You will love traveling with Tauck. We have been on nine trips including Classic Italy, one of our very favorites.

    I am a travel blogger, so here is more than you'll ever want to know.

    We traveled in 2011 so I'm sure the itinerary has changed somewhat but my photos and commentary shoud help ease you into your first trip.

  • Just sit back and enjoy the trip. Tauck will make sure all goes well and everything is taken care of. Bring comfortable shoes and wet weather jacket just in case. Local guides are excellent. Your fellow travelers will be a pleasure to meet and travel with. I have enjoyed two land trips and one river cruise with Tauck and I highly recommend them to everybody. I travel solo and have had no problems feeling part of the group. Enjoy
  • I’ve been on 5 Tauck trips and the best advice I can give from experience is not coming back from a trip saying
    “I wish I would have!”
  • We took the Classic Italy tour last October....can only say one word that described it..... FANTASTIC!
  • I have traveled with Tauck 37 times which includes three riverboat cruises; three more tours coming up this year (one land tour and two more riverboat cruises), all domestic North America and Europe. I loved the Tauck "Events" (San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, etc.), but my favorite remains the "Winter in Yellowstone" tour. That tour was wonderful, but although not with Tauck itself, that tour did put me in the right area and winter season (Montana/Idaho/Wyoming) to be able to help mush a 14 dogsled team all day long in Montana and also to snowmobile ride 100 miles throughout Yellowstone all day long half of the time in a blizzard with seven other folks each with our own snowmobile. Wonderful experiences and a great company. :-).
  • Our first Tauck Tour was Classic Italy Small Group, September, 2016. It was fantastic in every way and set the bar. Last September, we did a week in Ireland Small Group. ????d it, too. And next week, we will be leaving for Northern Italy Bellissimo Small Group. Can you tell we love being spoiled by Tauck?
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