Amsterdam to Budapest Departure September 8th, 2018

Looking forward to meeting everyone. This is our second Tauck Cruise. First trip was the Paris to Normandy Cruise in 2016. This trip was highly recommend by fellow travelers on that trip. We are from Fairfax Station, VA. Any other Virginians or Floridians on this trip? I am retired Navy. Any other Military Retirees?


  • Wish we were going with you but not sked til next year in the opposite direction. However, we're dual Navy retirees having met and married while living/serving in the Springfield VA area. The Navy is how we ended up with Tauck. We took our first river cruise (Rhone) with them on a group tour organized by the Navy Supply Corp Foundation.

    Last year on our Seine cruise there was a TD who was cross training from the Danube to the Seine. We told him we'd done Rhone, Rhine, and Moselle but not the Danube. His response was that we'd saved the best for last. Hope he's right.

    Best of luck on your cruise and looking forward to your comments upon return.

  • This is Dennis and Diane Quick from Stafford VA. This will be our first Tauck cruise and we are very much looking forward to the experience. While I have spent some time cruising the world in the Navy, from which I have retired, this will be our first river excursion. We are spending an extra day in Amsterdam and two extra days in Budapest. Looking forward to meeting new folks and having a great time.
  • Funny. Lots of ‘Navy’ showing up here. We are also retired Navy, and have done six Tauck trips. We have two scheduled for 2019, and we are on the ‘wish list’ for a trip in 2020. We did the Blue Danube on MS Savor a couple years ago. You will love this trip. I’m giving away a secret here, but I’ve noticed that the Cat 3, loft staterooms have good availability on some of these trips, (Savor class boats only) where others are sold out. In my view the loft staterooms are the best on the ship. I like them better than the suites. If you have booked something else, you might want to take a look. They have giant windows that open, and the windows and window treatments are electrically controlled from either the loft or the bedside. Very cool.
  • Yup, a few Navy types here ???? Between flying tours on the west coast and other assignments (Persian Gulf, Norfolk) we lived, on and off in N. VA, Mt. Vernon area. Kids grew up there. We kept our N. VA house for almost 30 yrs. (paid it off) but sold it at the height of housing craziness and retired to NC- made a killing!

    Blue Danube was great! We have Botswana, etc. and a family Disney Cruise next year but are considering Rendezvous on the Seine for 2020.
  • Our sometimes travelling companions did the Seine plus Paris and London trip a couple years ago. We skipped that one cuz we have done a lot of Paris and we have been to Normandy twice. But, they loved it. They said the martinis at the Savoy are a little expensive ... can’t remember if he said twenty or thirty dollars ... but they loved it.
  • Our first river cruise with the supply corp group (over 100 navy types, spouses and a few extra friends) set a ship board record for the most bottles of wine drunk. It worked out to over a bottle per day per person. I just wanna know who was drinking my share cause I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

  • We are on the Oct. 20th Amsterdam to Budapest Cruise. Just wondered if you had any disruption to your trip due to low water levels on the Danube.
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