Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park Entry

I know Royal Livingstone Hotel stay includes free access to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, but was wondering about the details.

According to what I read and see on Google maps, the Royal Livingstone (and the Avani) are actually within the greater Park boundaries. Is there any sort of entry gate along the trail leading from the hotel to the Zambia side of the falls and Knife Edge Bridge?

What happens if you exit the park at the entrance which I assume is located near the falls/Zambia border post(?), can you re-enter the Park there without paying an additional fee? Does the hotel give you something equivalent to a ticket or pass?

Do we also have free access to the section of Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls National Park opposite the falls between the bridge and the Zimbabwe border post?

The reason I ask is we are thinking about walking across the Victoria Falls Bridge, entering Zimbabwe, and having lunch at the Shearwater Rainforest Cafe or in the town of Victoria Falls (we will have Kaza univisas). We would like to walk there and back to the hotel through the park and want to minimize the amount of time we spend on Mosi-oa-Tunya road/Livingstone Way.


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    I’ll answer my own question. You pass through a gate to the Royal Livingstone / Avani grounds into the parking lot about 50 ft from the only entrance to the park, there is no back gate to the park. The parking lot also has numerous souvenir shops. I can’t say how the prices compare with other places. The entrance is also near the Zambia side of the Victoria Falls bridge.

  • Alan, I just noticed the forum is live again, did you get a notice about that, I didn’t. Please post about your trip.

  • Yup, up and running! I got a head's up from Sealord. I don't know if he just discovered it was up or got notification. Oh, by the way, I just discovered that there is a new post notification when a response has been posted! Another thing we wanted!

    We just got home last night so give me another day or so and I will do a short write-up- some new stuff and some items that need repeating, like not packing too much! :) (I'm sure you also see the emoji's on the edit bar- another new item)

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