Classic Safari school supplies

What school supplies has anyone brought for the school visit?


  • There is an older post that mentions pens, pencils, crayons, writing tablets, and soccer balls (deflated but bring the needle to inflate) which the children especially appreciate. I am a school librarian and wonder if it's worth bringing books? Paperbacks to keep the weight reasonable, but are we bringing classroom supplies or gifts for individual children? Thanks for any input!

  • We gave them the books that we had bought about Africa and the animals, and some pencils. We gave them to the teachers. Small stuff. Some Tauck guests have bought them buildings.

  • We are talking about classroom supplies

  • Books, pencils ... classroom supplies?

  • We went last August. We brought pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, and some easy reader paperback books. Some of these the teacher passed out to the students and some supplies he kept for the teachers to use. He especially liked the books. We also brought balloons for the children to blow up. They loved them!

  • We took pencils, tablets, post ups and colored markers. They loved them and hadn’t seen post ups.

  • I just back and the tour guide emphasized that money is really what they need. rather then carry supplies there, they prefer to buy them there themselves. they take American $$ and checks...

  • Talk to your TD before making any promises or grand gestures. On our trip several years ago, one couple offered to provide a substantial amount of support. They asked the school administrator what he "wanted." He responded that he really needed and wanted a Xerox type copier. That request seemed reasonable (what school can't use a new copier?) until the TD quietly informed the couple that the school did not have electrical power and was not likely to get if for a year or more at the earliest.

  • Our TD told us something different. We were told that if we wanted to donate money to the school that we shouldn’t give money directly to any of the teachers. We should give the money to Tauck, who would see that it got to the right person. There was a designated employee at the hotel who would handle any donations. So ask your TD before giving money directly to the school.

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