The Great Migration

WE are going on this trip starting July 21. Its our 10th Tauck trip but will be our one and only to Africa so we are adding on a few days with a private tour company in Capetown at the end of our tour. We arrive in Arusha 2 days because there were some travel complications. WE are in relatively good health but are 73 and 82 respectively/ Any words of wisdom??


  • You should have no problem with activity- there isn't a lot physical exertion required on this tour because you spend most of the time in safari vehicles- the most exertion will be climbing into and out of vehicles. Except for the roads around Arusha and on the drive to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater, you will be traveling off-road- on bumpy, pot-holed, rutted dirt "tire track trails" (can't be called roads) and sometimes in areas where no vehicle has traveled recently, so expect some very bumpy rides. This is not to be taken lightly if you have any sort of back or hip problems. You might also want to take buffs or similar to lessen the chance of inhaling dust. Heed what your TD says about ingesting tap water- drinking it from a glass while dining, brushing your teeth, or getting some in your mouth while showering, even in Arusha. Unless it is bottled, it may or may not be safe to drink, but either way, it could contain chemicals, etc. that are foreign to and can irritate your digestive tract. Be sure to pack OTC meds for stomach issues and prescription drugs such as CIPRO or whatever your travel doctor recommends, for intestinal issues.

    Be prepared for "nice rustic." The mobile camp is more rustic than the camps you will have on other Africa tours (K&T, Botswana, etc.)

    This stream crossing was in the Masai Mara:

  • Ouch :) Hi Alan, I don't think we have ever corresponded before but I was wondering when you would chime in. Exactly what is a "buff"? a scarf? When we booked this trip it was a choice between the K and T classic and the Great Migration. I wanted a shorter safari experience and the opportunity to add on some time in Capetown on our own. That became very complicated but a last we found a way to do it by adding Capetown at the end of our Tauck trip-Great Migration. I think the K and T might be more comfortable for us, but at the time we got our info that trip was already sold out. Anyhow, we are doing the Great Migration and a few days in Capetown but the "short" trip turned into a 19 day excursion including flights to and from home.

  • Hi, google buff and you will see them. They are the original but you can now get similar non branded. A small circular piece of cloth maybe twelve inches long that you pull over your head , use as a scarf, head covering , mask cover. If you have ever watched Survivor, each contestants must wear one with their team name on, that’s when we were first aware of them all those years ago. We take them on many trips, would never be without them. Also useful for having around your neck when you have camera and binoculars slung around your neck, really helps cushion them.

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    Exactly what is a "buff"? a scarf?

    Buffs were made popular by the reality TV show "Survivor." Available from Amazon,tools,157&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_4 and other retailers, it is a stretchy fabric tube that can be worn on the head, around the neck (like an ascot or pulled partially up to cover mouth and nose), or a body wrap around a (slender) torso like a tube top or halter if you have a "hard body." :o I wore one as an ascot/turtle neck during the cool mornings and evenings most days on our recent Botswana, SA, Zambia trip- but sometimes pulled it up over my mouth and used it as a dust mask. It was much easier than rigging and wearing a kikoi, seen in the second photo below (I just noticed I also am wearing my buff in the second photo):

  • Those buffs on Amazon look very nice. When the originals came out they cost over $20. I have found them much cheaper recently and in patterns.
    When you loan the Kikoy scarves at the Kalahari resort, they sometimes have them for sale there, but if not you can find them in the Craft warehouse near the One and Only in Cape Town.

  • I even have a Survivor buff

  • When you loan the Kikoy scarves at the Kalahari resort, they sometimes have them for sale there, but if not you can find them in the Craft warehouse near the One and Only in Cape Town.

    Depending on your TD and group size, everyone might just be given a kikoi. :) That photo must have been taken during your trip to Namibia- ain't no dunes in Botswana! :D

  • Thanks all for your answers to "what is a buff"? I'll look into purchasing one.

  • Yep, Namibian Sand dunes in the background Alan.
    Just used a trusty buff unexpectedly today when my grandson mislaid his sun hat on a boat trip we were doing. Pulled a buff out of my bag and voila, an instant head and neck protection.

  • You may get another kikoi :| You could also use it as a table runner. :D You might want to give the buff a sniff and touch, and maybe a wash, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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