Tips, Suggestions, Comments re Alpine Adventure "Bridges" august tour.

Any tips or comments regarding the Alpine Adventure Tauck Bridges tour . We're going on the August 11, 2019 tour with nine family members including two grandkids ages 11 and 13. Food suggestions? Anyone else on this tour??


  • Jack, as I explained in another thread, for some reason the Bridges tours don't have a lot of participants on the forum. Usually you just get an adult saying how many kids and what there ages our for their group and wondering what others will be joining them. Pretty much like your post. It's best just to call Tauck and ask. They will give you a breakdown (how many, their ages, etc) without names. It's a pretty common question since parents and grandparents are trying to get kids excited about the tour.

    I can't remember a single time (in 4 years) that anyone gave a post trip report and seldom respond to general inquiries.

    As to food - do you mean regional specialties or places to eat on your own? In Germany/Austria lots of sausage choices and schnitzel. Beer of course. In Switzerland, you may find a favorite of mine called flammkuchen - which is a kind of white pizza/flat bread with different toppings. Then you also find fondue and reclette. And for sweets - chocolate. You might want to google Switzerland foods and get more ideas.

    Any other questions about the trip you might have better luck going through old posts for tours similar in itinerary to this one and asking specific questions there. Lots of experience here.

  • Your response is appreciated. Sounds like Flammkuchen with sausage topping must be tried. Thanks.

  • There is also a French version called tarte flambe. Off to find the cookbook i bought in Strasburg.

  • Sorry it so long to respond, but I have had a problem logging into this "new" forum. We took this trip last year with our 13 year old grandson and it is a great experience. As far as food, would recommend you try the Old Swiss House at Lake Lucerne. They make Weiner Schnitzel at your table and it is incredible,. It was closed the extra night we had on our own before the trip, but have been there before and would urge you try it, if it works with your schedule. The tour attracts a bunch of kids your grandkids ages and after a day or so, our grandson joined the group and by the end of the tour, all the kids formed a really nice group that dined together and shared the time at Area 47 water slides without parent or grandparent interference. Same at the Aqua Dome hotel, where again all the kids took off on their own to enjoy all the different pools. Don't remember anything special on nights we had to find our own dinner and stayed at the Hotel Kempinski for dinner as the weather was lousy and didn't want to venture out. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. I know the kids will have much to talk about and provide you with countless photo opportunities.

  • For anyone doing the Alpine Adventure tour, I recommend a quick lunch in Innsbruck versus a sit down meal for lunch, to allow time for walking around the old town and doing some shopping. Those who did sit down restaurants did not have time to look around on their own. This was a fantastic tour and we recommend it to anyone who loves the mountains and the beauty of Switzerland.

  • We are travelling on the July 10 2022 Alpine Adventure with our two grandaughters ages 17 and 16. Interested to hear from other grandparents or parents and the ages of their children.

  • As the time approaches for the July 10, 2022, Bridges Alpine Adventure, I am hoping to hear from parents, grandparents who will be joining us, Gram, Gramps and two grandaughters ages 16 and 17.

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