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I have read information on Tauck FAQ about luggage limitations but can't really figure them out. One place says only 33 lbs check and 15 lbs carry on (1) allowed on tour yet another place says 44lbs check. We haven't received our final trip package yet and not sure if they will be sending Duffel bags for us to use whole trip or we take our soft sided luggage and then what?? I see a lot of Duffels in pictures (video) but also see suitcases so just really confused about this! On other trips we have received duffels during the trip to use during brief periods but not whole trip. This trip is mostly on ground transport with just the last 2 smaller flights so wondering how we would put all in duffels and hook up again with our suitcases!! Maybe someone can answer this for us - trying to figure out what to pack!! Thank you!


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    You can start from home with duffles or suitcases, but somewhere (I haven't taken your tour so don't know, but it will say where in your Greenbook itinerary) you will switch to duffles and your suitcases will go into storage. This is because there is not enough load carrying capacity and space for suitcases which can't conform to the limited and often irregular shaped baggage compartments in the small airplanes that will transport you on tour. Also, there won't be overhead bins. This also applies somewhat to the safari land vehicle portion of your trip. (On K&T we switched to duffels at Ngogongoro Crater before the (loooong!) drive to the Serengeti (suitcases went by truck back to Arusha) and switched to duffles again at Mt. Kenya before flying to the Masai Mara (suitcases went by truck to Nairobi where the tour ended). Somewhere near or at the end of your tour you will be reunited with your suitcases. Someone who has taken this tour should be able to tell you.

    The 44 lb weight limit is typical for most Tauck land tours- it is a limit set by Tauck so porters, bellhops, bus drivers, TD, etc. won't have to lug heavy bags (that may be allowed by airlines up to 75lbs!!). That weight limit applies to your main suitcase (and your duffle if you are using it instead of standard suitcases). Once you switch to duffle bags during the tour, the lower weight limit, 33 lbs, kicks in. You can also take a small personal bag (small backpack, large purse, satchel, camera bag, etc.) weighing no more than 15 lbs. (You won't be put in timeout if your duffle weighs 35.325 lbs. :) )

  • My husband and I just returned from Tanzania-Zanzibar and we each used a 24" soft sided suitcase for our carry on and stuffed our duffle bags into them and we carried our back packs.The total weight for each suitcase was 22 lbs. (They were much heavier on our return flights because of gifts.) Nights 4-7 we packed just about everything into our duffle bags. We recommend packing the least amt. of clothes and shoes for this trip. We each packed 3prs. of dri-fit pants,3 dri-fit shirts, a t-shirt,3prs. socks, undies. Wearing 1pr. of sneakers on the plane & packing 1pr. of sandals. I suggest for the women;no jewelry and just a simple wedding band. All of the lodges came complete with toiletries and we wanted for nothing. We also took advantage of the laundry service at each lodge;which was very affordable. Hope this was helpful.
    Enjoy this trip of a lifetime.

  • Thank you for the very detailed response - that helps a lot! Just another question!
    What happened to your suitcase from night 4-7? I am sure you got it returned back to you sometime of course (maybe Zanzibar) and then could repack it for the last leg of the trip and return home (we are flying home out of Dar es Salaam).
    Looking forward to the trip!! Thanks

  • Greetings, our suitcases arrived safe and sound in our room at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zanzibar.
    One other recommendation is to bring a buff or scarf for the safari ride because of the dust.
    Have a wonderful time!

  • Everything here is correct. One other addition. Dar airport when we went was confusing. It requires going through several security points and is tedious. Have your wits about you and don’t linger until you get to your gate, it takes time to negotiate everything.

  • Thanks for advice - any is welcome!!

  • If you are one of the brave ones still flying Ethiopian (actually they aren't too bad when they don't crash) they have a flight that leaves from Zanzibar and makes a stop in Arusha then on to Addis Abba where another flight leaves for Dulles. You can bail out of the tour there instead of flying to Dar. We flew ET to K&T several years ago.

  • Thank you for flight info! We go early Sept so flights already set to Dar then Amsterdam and back to LA!!

  • Not sure if Alan was suggesting skipping Zanzibar. I think Zanzibar is worth a visit and the Spice tour is interesting and fun especially if the same guy does the tour that we had. I believe there is a better hotel now than when we were there. I would not need to go again. When we go to Arusha in December, we are flying Qatar airlines via Doha.

  • Can anyone answer question of how soon before the trip did you receive your Duffel Bag - it is sent separate from the trip documents but not sure when?

  • About 2 to 3 weeks prior to departure.

  • OK - good to know! Thanks

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