Where to go next????

Just back from T&K - WOW!! Just fantastic - I now understand the African hoopla — I want to go back!!

I am trying to decide on Wildlife Odyssey: South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe OR Elegant Safari or ??? (Trekking with gorillas isn’t my thing, but who knows!)

We went to CAPETOWN for a week after the Tauck tour - I would be happy to return! The Wildlife Odyssey is new and there are no reviews-obviously!

I look forward to your thoughts!!


  • Nancy, we unfortunately can’t compare yet. We did B,SA&Z last year and posted a review. We loved it so much we are doing K&T next fall.

  • The Botswana tour versus the Elegant South Africa are very different. If You now have a passion for Africa, I suggest the Elegant South Africa because I think it is wonderful to learn even more about the struggles in Africa. Then do the Botswana tour, the icing on the cake. You will also see how different the actual Safari logistics are to East Africa. And if you go in their winter time you will see how very much colder the mornings and after sunset safari trips are. Be prepared to take, hats gloves and long pants, they provide the blankets. The Safari vehicles are quite tricky to climb up to get in and no standing up.

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