Are we sharing the September 2nd cruise (Venice & Dalmatian Coast) with any non-Tauck travelers?

I understand that some of the Tauck cruises also have non-Tauck travelers and I was wondering if that is the case with the September 2, 2019 cruise of Venice and the Dalmatian Coast.


  • Call Tauck and ask them. Have you had your Green book yet. As this is a Ponant ship, owned by a French company, any non Tauck guests are likely to be French. When ships have been mixed, negative comments have been made in the forum or on reviews.

  • When I took this trip there were non-Tauck travelers on the ship. My recollection was that there was about 2/3 Tauck and 1/3 non-Tauck. This had negligible impact for us.

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