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We will be traveling on the southbound cruise of Land of the Rising Sun in April. My husband needs to bring his CPAP machine since he has sleep apnea. He will need to have a bottle of distilled water which we obviously can not bring on the plane from LA. I assume that it will be possible to buy a jug of distilled water in Kyoto? Has anyone had experience with this?



  • Have you called Tauck to ask them?
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    How about a filter (portable reverse osmosis if such a thing exists) that removes the calcium, iron, etc., the stuff that damages the CPAP, from local water, etc. Also, having spent time aboard ships (big gray ones) our water was made from de-salinated sea water and nearly distilled quality. I can't say where the water comes from aboard the Tauck ship but you might give them a call. I'm sure others will chime in- I suspect this is a common issue with the Tauck Traveler demographic.

    There are plenty of recommendations on the web in CPAP user and manufacturer forums. I came up with this from CPAP dot com in a Google search:

    "If distilled water is not available where you live, use bottled water. It will be important to clean the chamber each morning, do not leave standing water in the chamber between uses. The only care a CPAP, APAP or BiPAP machine requires is to clean or change the filters at the air intake."
  • My husband has used bottled water in his CPAP when traveling and it has worked fine.

  • We are going on this trip and would welcome any comments.

  • noragmuss

    We are going on this trip and would welcome any comments.

    Are you asking about CPAP machines or the Land of the Rising Sun. If it is the later you might want to first check out the Rising Sun forum or start a new thread. Also, if you post a few questions or concerns instead of an open ended question you are more likely to get responses.

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