Leaving for Jordan and Egypt February 14th

If anyone knows what type of converter will be needed in Jordan and Egypt , informations would be most appreciated. I will only need it for my Iphone and kindle.


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    The charging modules for your iPhone and Kindle work on both 120V and 240V (check the fine print on the module) so you don't need a voltage "converter" but you may need an adapter, so your American plugs will physically work with Jordanian & Egyptian outlets. You can buy universal/multi adapters from Amazon and other retailers. Many modern hotel rooms have Universal Outlets by the desk. Both countries have multiple outlets, but a US to Type C adapter will probably get you by in both countries. See here: https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/jordan/

    Many of the regulars here also take multi-outlet travel power strips (like the one shown below). Many come with 3 or 4 outlets and one or more USB power ports, so only one adapter is needed for the plug on the power strip:

  • Thank you, I have a universal and will double check the link you provided

  • karen1672...Enjoy and please post comments upon your return.

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