Luggage Size Restrictions for on-tour flights

We leave in a few weeks for Cruising the Galapagos which has 2 on-tour flights. I understand the need for luggage size restrictions on the carry-on bags but am wondering how strict they are about checked bags. If we stay under the 50 lb limit, will we be okay even if our bag measures over 54 inches?


  • Thank you Alan S and British for your answers. Both were helpful. Yes, the Green Book does give more specific (and restrictive) luggage guidelines for the on-tour flights. However, when we traveled in China with Tauck (and bought new luggage to meet the on-tour restrictions), once we were there we discovered almost everyone else had not paid any attention to the restrictions and it wasn't a problem. But it does sound like we definitely need to pack light this trip and hope our luggage isn't near the fish shipment!

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