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  • Hello! I was hoping someone from the recent trip would post what they thought about it! My husband and I were considering the trip in 2021 but wanted some feedback from travelers first. Thanks in advance!

  • We just came back from this trip. We did the one that started in Edinburgh & ended in Glasgow. Loved it. I had only one complaint, that we did not have enough time in Shetland but that might be changed by 2021. If you have not been to Edinburgh before, I highly suggest a couple of extra days there, so much to see. Great museums and houses. Le Champlain is great, smooth sailing, fabulous service and good food. We did the 2 room Prestige suite. I think one "regular" room would have felt a little crowded altho they all have outdoor verandas and small sitting areas. It was great to have the 2 bathrooms when we had early morning departures.
    My advice is JUST DO IT!!!
    Any specific questions, please ask.

  • I was so lucky to be on the very first Scottish Island sailing! This was the eastbound, Glasgow to Edinburgh, trip beginning May 3rd. It was incredible - cannot recommend it highly enough. Seeing the islands I'd read about over the years was amazing. While some passengers focused on the Outlander locations, we focused on the neolithic ruins found throughout the islands. Stone monuments 2,000 - 3,000 years old. Coming from a neighborhood where 50 year old houses are routinely bulldozed, seeing stones planted in the eart hso many years ago was awe inspiring. Stonehenge was the culmination of a culture that started in the Orkney Islands that worked its way south over a milleneium. Wish we had spent 2-3 days in the Orkneys. I know there is more there that we didn't see. And I second scubawife's suggestion of an extra day in the Shetlands. Just to relax and take in the slower pace. Iona, at the begining of our cruise, is very small. But you can't miss it because of its historical significance. Skye was a personal revelation, as it turns out a relative came from there. Lewis Isle is a demonstrtion of the harsh conditions under absentee landowners. (There is also a Lewis Island trilogy for the readers out there.) This cruise is worth waiting for. I actually wouldn't mind taking it again. Really enjoyed it.

  • my husband and I will going this year in May. What were the temps like? Warm lined raincoat enough?

  • edited February 2020

    It’s a lovely time to visit Scotland. The weather will be cool in the mornings and evenings but there is always a chance of unusual very warm weather in May. Yes, take a rain coat, but it doesn’t always rain!
    I sailed on Le Champlain when it was brand new. The bathroom is very small. If someone is in the shower and the other is at the sink, you are stuck in the shower, no room to get out.

  • Just booked May 29, 2021 cruise Eastbound. Thanks for all the recommendations. Will be following to see any more great recommendations.

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