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E Support may not hear about this suggestion, but here goes just in case:

It would be nice to post somewhere, perhaps in the Forum for each specific tour when the App has been updated for the current year. Currently there is no way of knowing short of trial and error or calling Tauck when you need to refresh your App to get the latest information. I understand that E Support works on them in some order related to when the first tour date for each tour is each year, but the change I propose would be helpful. Case in point I am booked on two tours this year: Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice in June and Egypt, Jewel of the Nile in October. Since the first Egypt tour of 2020 has already occurred that tour is available on the App, whereas the first tour for Iceland won't occur until June, that tour isn't available on the App yet. Knowing when it is available, in some predictable form when be helpful.


  • Hi Sam,
    Thank you for the feedback! We do have some ideas on how to improve this process but just need to work out the logistics before we make any changes. But this is definitely something we have thought about!

    -Tauck Kristen

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    Kristen- random question- before I go searching and experimenting, is there a version of the app that can be installed and works on a Windows10 PC? I have the app on my iPad, but only use it on tour. The rest of the time I use my PC laptop.

  • Hi AlanS,

    Unfortunately, the Tauck app was only designed for smart phones and tablets since we wanted it to be an on-tour tool, so we do not have a Windows 10 app.

    Tauck Kristen

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