Transportation and Size of Tour

Could you tell me what mode of transportation you use now in the era of covid for the 2021 tours? Also What is the size of a typical classic tour if the small tours are 24 or less? Thanks for your answers.


  • ricwig - You need to use the Contact Us Tauck interface to send them an email directly with your question or call them. It's a crap shoot whether they would see and respond to your question posed via the Tauck Forum. See near the bottom right below. The below is on the Tauck Home page.

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    ricwig- you are on a user forum, so don't expect an answer from Tauck.

    Tauck uses standard buses (formal term- "motorcoach"), regardless of whether for a small group or classic size tour. Classic tours average 44 people. While you won't find the answers to all your questions, since you are new here, you might want to check out the FAQ . Google works quite well, also.

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