It’s wonderful to be on vacation!

Yesterday, we arrived at the seaside after over a year at home, never had a day away and never had a meal or take out until a couple of weeks go. It’s been wonderful to walk along the beach, dip our toes in the ocean dress up, have dinner. Eat fresh oysters, not have to wash dishes or make my bed in the morning. I hope we can all travel and enjoy like this soon!


  • British - Is Cape May considered International travel to people that live in Pennsylvania? :D

  • Sam - only if they come from Pennsylvania Dutch country.

  • Cape May is a very charming town and, like most of the Cape May County beach resorts, highly patronized by folks from the Philadelphia area. British, I hope you give yourself a treat and have lunch or dinner in the Lobster House.

  • I agree Cape May is very nice.

    When I was working I flew into Philadelphia, then drove down to Cape May. The next morning I boarded a helicopter for a 100 mile flight out to a drill ship in the Atlantic that was doing some exploratory drilling and we had Station Keeping equipment on the ship we were upgrading. The Station Keeping equipment is a control system that utilizes the ships propulsion system to keep the ship stationary above the drill site in water too deep to anchor. They were drilling about one mile below sea level.

    On another trip my family took the ferry from Dewes, Delaware to Cape May.

    Both short visits to Cape May were very nice.

  • Hi British,

    You can rest assured that us locals in Cape May County love all of our tourists, especially those from Pennsylvania. We depend on tourists to keep our towns going. Today's weather was spectacular. Took a walk on the Promenade, and stopped for a glass of wine at Hawk Haven Vineyard on the way home. Check out Mad Batter Restaurant, its a favorite of locals and tourists alike. No, its not a Tauck vacation, but its still pretty nice!

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