Bike Ride and Things to do at the Lake Lodge

Going on this tour with my mother in September, we are looking forward to participating in all the activities available however my Mother can't ride a bike. If anyone has been on this tour, is there any alternative to two wheels like an adult trike maybe? Or is it likely she will have to miss out on that activity?

I would also be interested to know what you did on the free day at the Lake Lodge hotel?

Thank you in advance for your replies!


  • Best to call Tauck and ask this particular question. This is one of their more strenuous tours, have you picked the right one for your mom's level of fitness or did she just miss out on learning to ride a bike?
  • My husband and I took this trip Sept. 2013. We did the bike ride (which was too short for us, probably 20 minutes) but a few in our group chose not to ride. They stayed in the bus that rode in back of us.
  • Thank you for your replies, my mother just never learned how to ride a bike.
  • I also am going on this trip in September and I also do not want to do the bike ride. I have requested that Tauck provide the people who do not bike an alternative activity , such as a hike. If you call Tauck and request an alternative, that would help. Right now all they are offering us is to sit in the bus for over 3 hours!
  • We are a couple in our early 70s and wondering whether any activities on this tour will be too strenuous. We are both in good condition for seniors, but a 70+ in good condition isn't the same as a 20 year old in good condition. I don't have a problem with missing a half day activity if I can plan ahead to do something else. Just want to be realistic about it.

  • Ask Tauck if the boat rides on the lake are an option. They may not be operational because of COVID, but that would be a non-strenuous, yet interesting activity for those who don't want to bike.

    Other options are walking to the historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel and taking a look around or walking along the shoreline.

  • If one person on the tour, that doesn’t get covid 19 vaccine, and chooses to bring a neg Covid test 5 days before arriving , gets sick on TAUCK trip with covid, mean tour gets terminated/cancelled for everyone on that same tour? Meaning everyone ON THAT TOUR would have to cut trip short and fly home? Does TAUCK insurance cover loss of trip? Could not find this info anywhere on their website!

  • We are also on this trip Sept. 18, 2021. and in the age group with kidfixer. We also are interested in options on the bike ride for my wife. We are looking forward to traveling again with Tauck.

  • Leaving June 21st. Cant wait!

  • We are also interested in alternatives to bike ride(s). We are on tour starting Aug 25. Would be interested how many others want alternative. Will contact Tauck.

  • I have never experienced any Tauck tours where an alternative wasn't available for a physically demanding activity. The alternatives can range from doing nothing, to a similar, but less demanding, activity, to a totally different activity. I have also seen spur of the moment adjustments- on Ultimate Alps, except for the first day, our bus in Salzburg could not get closer to the hotel that 4 - 6 blocks after 9 am(?) so we had to walk to it for excursions. One traveler was experiencing hip issues so the TD arranged for a taxi, provided at Tauck expense, to take the traveler to the bus. On the Blue Danube one group biked 26 miles between two towns while others rode the boat where they could attend a lecture (on flora/fauna(?) of the region) or take a nap. :D

    As British suggests, if you want specifics, it is best to give Tauck a call.

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