Why can't I get in touch with Tauck

We are scheduled for the Canyonlands trip in under 3 weeks. Tauck has quit sending out booklets and so far we haven't received anything via email either. Calling the 800 number gets nowhere. They don't answer their emails.
We have travelled with Tauck for 15 years and I get that Covid is creating problems but that is no excuse for a total lack of customer support.


  • Did you book through a travel agent? If so maybe the TA received the tour info email.

    Tauck has a call-back feature you might want to try. Sometimes it is not available and other times you must go through one or more elevator music / "We are experiencing high call volume . . . " cycles before the call-back option is offered.

    I would give it another try and hang in there a bit longer. Everytime I've selected the call-back option, I have received a call back.

  • I called them on Monday and got thru with no hold time.

  • I called earlier today and got right through. Tauck's customer service is exemplary. Yes, at times there have been significant delays, but I have always been given the option to request a call back from them.

  • I have had some trouble getting to the Air Department. The voice mail prompts are confusing and I'm not quite sure which to select. Just hope eventually I'll get a human who can help. So far, so good.

  • If you book through a TA, they have the document.

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