Let's talk FOOD on the River Cruises - Arthur's VS Main Dining Room



  • The Savoring France tour was great for "foodies."

    What I had in mind, however, was a tour that specialized in visiting local markets with a chef, buying the ingredients and then returning to a cooking school and learning how to prepare the meal. And then, of course, eating the meal. And someone else does the dishes!

    One of our favorite things to do during free time on Tauck tours is to roam the markets. I love museums, but I can spend hours upon hours in European markets. I love to watch the locals as they banter with their fish mongers, cheese mongers, butchers, et al.

    If only my Dad had stayed in Scandinavia! I guess I have digressed too much.

  • What you’re describing regarding shopping at the market with the Chef then returning to prepare the dishes has only happened for us on cruises. The newest Regent ships offer this option and is terrific! We’ve loved cooking classes with Tauck, especially in Italy. Most memorable was making homemade pasta on the Cinque Terre trip..fabulous memories and pasta!

  • We’ve made pasta on two different Tauck tours, one was Puglia, can’t recall which the other was.

  • We’ve booked Savoring France in 2022…looking forward to the foodie aspect of it!

  • Nancy,

    You won't be disappointed! It was our last trip before the COVID shutdown and we still talk about it regularly. Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.

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    Alpenwild, run by an American couple who live much of the year in Switzerland, had region-specific food tours to Switzerland pre-Covid; at moment they are doing only their hiking repertoire. I took their Ticino food tour, a very small group as it happened; they also had tours to the French and German regions. This tour combined both food and sights. Zingerman's, on the other hand, is a bit too food-oriented; on Morocco tour, I felt that I missed much of Marrakech, perhaps in part b/c we did not stay in town.

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