PCR test and Tauck's updated info- Jordan & Petra.

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Hello everyone. Hope you're all healthy and doing well...
I have a question, I read this regarding the PCR test when entering Jordan... and I'm confused- because every other site requires this test and also what happens if I'm transiting through another country (Dubai) ?

"Jordan requires all travelers to bring (one) of the following forms of proof, to be shown at the time of boarding: 1) Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, such as the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, indicating full COVID-19 vaccination (14 days since receiving the final dose); or, 2) Proof of a negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding the aircraft from the first point of departure to Jordan."
The return is clear , no problems with the information. Thanks
Please advice.
Have a great day.


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    www.gateway2jordan.gov.jo/form/ take a look at the Jordan website.

  • Mil, I'm not sure what your question is, but your departure country is where you began your journey, not your intermediate stop(s) unless over 10 hours. We will be transiting Istanbul on our way to Jordan, but our city of departure is Chicago. I read the guidance to say-

    (1) complete the form and register online. Based on the info you enter, the email/SMS reply from Jordan will confirm entry requirements and have a QR code.
    (2) get a PCR test 72 hours prior to departure.
    (3) During check-in for your flight you will need to show your CDC vaccination card, printed results of your PCR test from departure country, and the QR code you received during registration.
    (4) Show all of this again upon arrival at Queen Ali Airport.

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    Hi AlanS nice to hear from you.
    Yes, I'm familiar with all the procedures and requirements... What thruw me off was that Tauck mentions in their update about Jordan requesting 1 prove of either full vaccination (CDC card) or a negative PCR test for those non vaccinated. when every where else the PCR is a requirement. I called Tauck and they will clarified, hopefully.

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    I think it is pretty clear from the Jordan website that both vaccination and negative PCR test are needed. It makes sense, in light of the Delta variant. The bottom line, however, is what the registration confirmation email/SMS says- that should be the most current requirement. I haven't seen a no-earlier-than or no-later-than date to register, but you might want to wait until just a few days before you are scheduled for the PCR test. On the other hand, just to be safe, I would consider getting a PCR test regardless whether it is required or not.

  • Hi AlanS Happy Wed. :))
    Yes, I will take it regardless..., I read few other sites and they all say it's needed. so know I'm on the hunt for a PCR test site... it is rather complicated to find a place with reasonable price.
    Thanks for your help. Have a great day .

  • mil - Not sure where you live but I've been able to find sites to get a free PCR test in both Tucson (several times) and Seattle (had to get in Seattle before our recent Iceland trip because we were there for a family wedding just prior to the Iceland departure) that provided testing and results within the required windows. Happy hunting. :D

  • You can console yourself as to the price of a test by comparing it to the expense of the tour and airfare, especially if you are denied entry for not having one! :D I'd go for reliability, ease, and especially results guaranteed in minimum time, over cost.

    I hope you get to go, since I know you will be back to give us a rundown of getting there and back, and everything about what promises to be an epic tour! Still counting days, weeks, and months (223 days :/ ).

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    Hi Smiling Sam. I live in Seattle- Kirkland, Wa. I have found couple of locations... hopefully my trip will still be a go! since Variant is acting everywhere now..... This is an ongoing nightmare!.

    52 DAYS




  • Hi AlanS
    Yes, I have thought about it too..... and the cost will never be greater then the experience and the joy of traveling again.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I will report about it for sure.. you can count on that! :))
    Have a great day. _

  • mil - We were staying with my niece in Issaquah when we got the PCR test. We got it at Harborview, at an outdoors clinic, on a Sunday, prior to leaving for Iceland on Monday. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. It took longer to driver there and find a parking spot than it did to get the test. There was no line. The test was free and the results were available on Monday prior to our flight. Another possibility we found on the eastside was through Bellevue Community college, but their dates/times didn't work so we went with the Harborview option.

    AlanS - free is still better, all other things being equally close.

  • Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much, Smiling Sam. I will look into it.
    Harborview is about 25 min. drive from Kirkland - freeway time- no problem.

  • mil, FYI- we spent many years stationed at NAS Whidbey, Is. near Oak Harbor.

  • AlanS , Yes I know the place Whidbey island. -Oak Harbor went a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend went to Esquim to the Lavender fields.. my fav. :)

  • When I was in the Navy at Whidbey, I lived in the only ‘penthouse’ in Oak Harbor. It was the second floor apartment above Chuck Wilkins TV store. The wall facing Mount Rainier was all glass, and it had a cocktail lounge size bar that was actually the kitchen. Across the street was Puget Sound. People warned us against renting it because the rent was ‘outrageous’ for that area. It was $250 per month.

  • mil
    AlanS , Yes I know the place Whidbey island. -Oak Harbor went a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend went to Sequim to the Lavender fields.. my fav.

    How about the tulip fields in La Conner and Mt. Vernon area? Up until a few years ago my sister lived in Sequim. She got tired of the liquid sunshine and moved to Arizona. :D (neither of us are Washington natives.)

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    Alans . liquid sunshine is drying out.... due to the fake climate change ... it hasn't rain in the last 65 days...
    The Tulips this year because of Covid- did not had the impact that normally they have , no festival and only 1 or 2 sites open with limited reservations.. and La Conner had limited rest. and shop open.. now it's much better.
    Not sure if you heard about our 115-116 temperatures.... about a month ago.
    Yeap! hot and dry Seattle hopefully we are getting light rains next week, we'll see.
    Have a good night.

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    Hello everyone! Happy Friday...
    I'm happy to see, Tauck has corrected the PCR test info. , this is the correct one.

    For entry to Jordan:

    Jordan requires all travelers to bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, such as the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, indicating full COVID-19 vaccination (14 days after receiving the final dose).( Additionally, all travelers) must bring proof of a negative result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding the aircraft from the first point of departure to Jordan. Both forms of proof must be shown at time of boarding.

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    It sounds like you are ready and getting excited! How many days until departure?

  • Hi mil -- does that mean that if you leave from, say Chicago, but fly to Paris in transit and stay for 4 days before continuing on, you list Chicago?

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    Hi mil -- does that mean that if you leave from, say Chicago, but fly to Paris in transit and stay for 4 days before continuing on, you list Chicago?

    Good question!

    I looked at a number of websites (Kingdom of Jordan, US State, CDC, US Embassy, Jordan, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, UK, etc.) and all have a slightly different take on entry requirements for Jordan, especially if a PCR test must be done 72 hours prior to arrival (US Embassy, Jordan), 72 hours prior to departure (Kingdom of Jordan- Visit Jordan, UK,GOV), or "prior to departure from the first boarded flight" (Royal Jordanian Airlines)- none address long layovers and all agree that requirements are changing often.

    I could be wrong, but my interpretation of what mil posted ". . . . PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding the aircraft from the first point of departure to Jordan" is that normal connecting airports don't count as first point of departure, but an extended stay, e.g. 4 days in Paris, would most likely count, for two reasons- you would be outside the 72 hours window if the test was taken in the US, and if you leave CDG airport you would pass thru immigration, and actually formally enter France. So, I think Paris, France would now become your new "first point of departure" and you would need a new test.

  • AlanS
    Yes! I am... just finished my health declaration forms 3 countries- and also my suitcase is out and cleaned.
    Now don't laugh!!! I'm 43 days away . :))

  • milmil
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    Mazalea, Hi.
    If you stay 4 days in Paris, you will need another PCR test. the test most be taken within 72 hours prior to departure from point A - heading to point B
    if you make a stop and stay for more than 8-10 hours- or go outside the airport , that sets the lock back to 0!
    I'm taking 1 on my way to Jordan Via (transiting) Dubai- only a 3 hour layover... and straight to Jordan, On my way back I need a PCR leaving Egypt as everyone and then another in Dubai as I'm staying for 3 days..
    Hopes this info. helps

  • Smiling Sam , Love it.

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    Smiling Sam
    Talking Covid Tests. I just received a video from my cousin that describes the procedure for an at home Covid Test. If I could post a video I would.

    I couldn't post the video player either, but is this it? I found another one for first class passengers- wine instead of beer! :D




  • Just to add more confusion to the requirements......We depart on August 27 for the Jordan/Petra Egypt trip. We have an appointment on Wednesday for the required 72 hour PCR test. Our fingers are crossed that we get the results before our Friday flight. I checked our United flight and they have now posted the entry requirements for each leg of our journey. Their instructions state that we can get the Jordan required PCR on Tuesday! That would give us an additional day to get the results.....but.....who should we believe?
    We are getting really excited but this documentation confusion is exasperating!

    On another note. My husband likes his vodka on the rocks. Does anyone have firsthand experience with the hotels on this trip? I should think they would use purified water for the ice cubes but we don't want to take any chances.

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    No first hand knowledge with those locations, but have first hand experience with members of the same chains - Kempinski, Movenpick, Sofitel, Oberoi, Marriott- as you know they are major upscale chains and you are going to major tourist areas. You should have no issues with ice. While not even a problem there, you are more likely to have issues with ice on safari in East/Southern Africa on K&T or Botswana,SA,Zambia.

  • Alan's right, cubes should be fine there. But as they say, "trust but re-verify." Thanks all for sorting the PCR rules out and offering good virtual libations as well. As it turns out, most likely we won't need extra PCR's. But good to know! Suitcases finally out. Oddly, with all the uncertainties of travel and ten days from flight I'm just now figuring out what to bring. Latest ever, but I do have an extra laminated copy of my vax form. Thank you again!

  • AlanS - Yes, your first Facebook link was to the video I described. Here is a screen capture during the video.

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