Any info on eMed Binax Now or Azova Ellume PCR tests for travel to come home?

Delta and American are partnering with two testing companies. Travelers can purchase Azova or eMed test kits before they go. I think either one requires an arranged video call with QR code to verify results. We may adjust our post tour time in Switzerland before returning home, which may mean we can't use the Tauck arranged testing option, so I'm thinking of this as a possibility. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • I looked into them. For eMed It's $150 plus shipping for 6 test kits - 2 per person. Could never find why the 2 per person. There are five of us going on the tour together and I thought $25 per person would be economical. However, you can't get around the 2 per person thing. When you click the order button you have to name 3 people who will be taking the test so it works out to $50 per person or $75 if it's just the 2 of you and you end up with 2 extra tests. As near as I can tell, you get the kit, set up a video call with the company, perform the test and it somehow supplies results back to the company who then gives you your results.

    Azova charges $50 per kit including the video observation and $15 shipping. If you order 2 the shipping is the same.

    Is this the best option wrt getting an test in Switzerland? As near as I can tell antigen tests in Switzerland are $80 swiss francs. That's just one internet source I found so maybe more or less. Would be nice if we could hear from some of the Aug travelers on actuals.

  • I read the requirement of two per person is in case there is a faulty test. There is a QR code for each test and someone posted on Facebook that their wife's QR code would not scan, so they needed the extra test.

  • It sure does put me off staying longer at the end of a tour and having to find somewhere to get a test compared with Tauck organizing it at the official end of the tour.
    Maybe if we can all get a booster before our next exit from the US, we won’t require testing before we come back into the US. I guess the best thing is to hope that more people get the vaccine in the US so there is no one carrying the virus that you come in contact with, unlike some people here, I totally believe a good mask worn by people correctly, that is, covering both the orifices you breath from, is a highly protective item to protect you from Covid infection, delta or not in conjunction with a full vaccination.
    By the time most of us in the US get to travel again, other countries will have a higher vaccine rate than here, so we are less likely to bring it home anyway. That’s assuming they will let us into their country in the first place…..becoming more and more a possibility.

  • From what I've read its not that hard to find a testing center - at least in Switzerland and France. Most pharmacies have one. And as one of our first TD's said, the french are such hypochondriacs there are pharmacies everywhere (fyi he was British). Prices can vary a lot from country to country.

  • And the story goes, the French prefer their drugs by suppository!

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    I am on an early September northern France river cruise. I looked into the EMed 6 pack test kits for $150. They do indeed recommend you purchase at least two tests per person in case of equipment failure. You do go online to have a technician observe and walk you through the procedure. I have read some reviews however the due to heave demand, you may languish in the waiting room for an hour or two before they get to you. Once you take the test I believe the Test card displays a color on the test strip which I assume the technician observes via camera and then transmits the results to you online. I hear that the process is similar to a home pregnancy test ( with obvious differences!!) I am taking this product as a backup to taking a test at a lab in Paris.

    There is also a similar Binax Now self test available over the counter at CVS & Walgreens, one box has two tests for $24.00. These are only helpful for self analysis because there is no resulting documentation accepted by governmental agencies.

    We are staying on our own for two additional days after the tour ends. British, I too am wondering exactly when the Tauck test will be available. I can take it on the day we disembark and still fall with in three day rule. Has anyone heard when the Tauck test is available. Everyone at once before the tour is over or is it available over a period of a few days?

    I am also wondering if Tauck is tracking and would report the number of positive tests at the end of their tours.

  • I understand everyone is taken for the test at the same time. Tauck mention it’s kinda up to you if you are stating on. I would think that there is no way Tauck could know your test result unless you tell them, it’s a privacy issue.

  • Yes,Claudia, Luv2 and Buzz, I'm hoping a recent traveler can illuminate. What you report is what I'm seeing. British, yes, it gives us pause about extending, which is what we normally do. Well, this is the new normal. This Azova is a back up for us, rather like an insurance policy. Likely the hotel where we stay extra days can handle, but then again... Since I think we need the test on a Sunday, and realizing how closed up Europe can be on that day, we decided to get a couple of the Azova. Actually, the process is remarkably like what our nieces and nephews are doing for the random testing at their schools, with video and test swabs. A friend back from Portugal did the Azora/video and said it worked easily. A key is to schedule test as soon as you receive the kit -- which will be several weeks ahead. You can change the time, but at least you have a "placeholder." Keeping fingers crossed out test kits arrive as promised this week. So that's $50 for the test and extra $15 delivery. Or, maybe priceless? Thank you all for thinking about this along with me.

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    If the tests are administered while on the trip, I would think that the results come in before we leave the ship. I find it difficult to believe that Tauck is not made aware that there are positive covid cases on board. British, you are correct it is a privacy issue for individuals, but as long as their identities are protected it becomes a matter of tracing and reporting to the appropriate agency if only for the safety of the remaining passengers.

    I'm just asking.

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