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We're on the Sept 23 sailing and are new to Tauck. We are not staying in the Tauck hotel, but in the Hotel du Louvre nearby. Originally we were told to meet at the Tauck hotel, but then the company told our TA that we should go directly to the pier - and call the boat in the morning to find the location. We're curious if that is the way they generally do it. Also, what time to people typically board? We'll obviously find out when we call the boat, but we're curious if anybody has boarded earlier.



  • On our first Tauck river cruise, which originated in Amsterdam, we did not stay in the Tauck hotel. The concierge called the boat for us to determine where it was docked, and we took a taxi there when we checked out, around 11 or noon. No issue boarding early, there was a couple already there who came straight from the airport.

  • We just returned from a Rendezvous On the Seine yesterday which also uses the MS Sapphire. On boarding day we left the Tauck hotel at 2:30 to bus to the ship. On the final day we had to be off the ship by 9:00 am so that they could clean for the next tour which was later that day. They thoroughly clean the ship between tours. I would think that after noon would be the earliest I would try to board.

  • I'm pretty sure if you don't stay at the Tauck Hotel, that you are responsible for getting to the boat. Seems it's usually around 3pm before people start boarding. Once you travel with Tauck, you will get the 'GIFT OF TIME' which means you'll get one free pre night or post night at the Tauck hotel That is one thing we love - the hotels they use are spectacular - and the free night is wonderful.

  • Herbert, I’m concerned that you might not be able to call the boat. I’m also not sure there is any sort of standard time that you can get on the boat. I would call the hotel Tauck are staying in either the day before or on the day, to see if they know what Tauck are doing, they are usually used to the Tauck routine. My other suggestion is to see if you can change your hotel to the Tauck hotel, even if it seems expensive, it means Tauck will pick you up from the airport, tip will be included. You will get help with your bags, tip also paid for. Included breakfast in the morning. An envelope from the Tauck Tour director explaining all procedures for the next day and probably a lost of suggestions nearby for restaurants and site seeing.
    Is your Travel agent experienced with dealing with Tauck? Getting a second hand message feom a Travel agent is not the same as talking to Tauck.
    I also remember the first forum post from Cathy on the forum, who stayed at a non Tauck hotel, got to the boat and there was no one to help them get their luggage onto the boat. Not a good way to start a vacation.

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    In case anyone is wondering why Tauck only provides transportation to the ship from the Tauck hotel (and airport and train stations), it is because of how their contract with the transportation provider is written. The provider will only do transfers from the Tauck designated locations. In some cases the provider is actually prohibited from providing transportation from/to some locations, due to hotel restrictions.

    Check with the concierge at your hotel ahead of time. He will know how to contact the ship or will call the port master who can tell him where your boat is or will be docked. Go by the e-green book for boarding time. As has been mentioned you can go to the Tauck hotel and get a Tauck transfer from there to the boat, as long as you have notified the TD of you plans- don’t just show up and expect a transfer.

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    Hi all, thanks for the info. We do have the boat's phone number, and we will give them a ring. We chose the Hotel du Louvre, which is the Tauck hotel for the cruise that follows ours, because we prefer the location. Our travel agent does do Tauck, but was receiving mixed information from the company. Our airport transfer to our hotel IS included from Tauck, as well as the return. We knew in advance that we would have to get to the ship on our own, but then someone at Tauck gave our agent the misinformation - which surprised all of us. In any event, we're good, can't wait. It's been too long.


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