Our New England Road trip


  • What a wonderful trip. Love the photos.

  • Beautiful fall foliage! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  • ****Cathy****…thanks for sharing your travels. I lived in Boston for a few years & always loved to take weekend trips to New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Newport. Chatham, Sandwich and P-Town are wonderful and Stowe has great skiing. It’s Unfortunate your meals were hit or miss. I was just having a NE food discussion with friends who all currently live in Boston but Boston is not home. The Fall foliage is absolutely breathtaking and you captured it very well. Now, relax and savor your memories of this road trip as you prepare for the granddaddy of them all “ Antarctica”


  • Cathy: Thank you for posting. I enjoyed your review and beautiful Fall foliage. It seems that all places in the US are extremely crowded. We just returned from a beach vacation to The Outer Banks in NC. We go every year during October which is technically off season, but no more! It felt like the middle of summer, traffic was horrendous, it was difficult to find a restaurant where you could just walk in and get a table. We wanted to go to one of our favorite restaurants which opened at 5:00. When we arrived at 5:05, the parking lot was already full and there were no more parking spaces and this was one of the larger restaurants in town. It was crazy! I kept asking myself why aren't these people at work and there were alot of school age children with them also. Also, several of our favorite restaurants had closed permanently or were going to close soon as they are unable to find workers or even affordable accommodations for their workers to stay. Incredible!

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